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      We get it, you may be nervous about trying a new “extreme” sport. However, with our expertise and professional instruction, you can rest assured we will create a new passion in your life. 
                              "NOUS PARLONS FRANÇAIS!!"

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Kiteboarding with Elite Watersports




Wind Winging

Elite Watersports specializes in kiteboarding lessons. With our professional instructors we are able to offer beginner, progression, and advanced lessons. The average age of our students is around 45 years old, but we have taught as young as 6 and as old as 79. We are looking to bring this passion-driven sport to you in hopes that it changes your life forever, like it did all of ours,  

Be one of the first to be apart of this amazing sport.Bringing windsurfing, surfing and foiling all together. It's truly magical. We have developed a structured approach. Utilizing jet skis and the latest equipment in the industry. 

Hydrofoils are hitting the scene with a fury, as one of the fastest growing watersports in the world. You can foil behind a kite, boat, or wave and now some are electric. We are considered to be one of the best in the country for providing expert advice and coaching in this field. Come check out why everyone is wanting to learn how to fly over the water effortlessly.

Wakeboarding is for everyone. Riding a board is the key essential in most water sports and we are here to teach you how. Whether you're wanting to learn to surf or kiteboard, these classes will help you progress extremely fast. All beginner lessons are done behind our coaching jetski. If you have your own boat, we can teach you behind that, too.    

The e-Foil Experience

 We are proud to be the first in the USA to offer the E-foil experience to our clients. An electric powered hydrofoil that glides effortlessly across almost any body of water. It’s easy to learn and ride, with multiple setting to allow different riders to take it easy or take advantage of the eFoils maximum speed and agility setting. See why this is the ultimate watersports experience.

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Why Learn with Elite Watersports?

Our number one goal is to provide you with our years of experience. All Elite Instructors have an extensive background in the watersports industry. Most of our crew have been teaching for more than three years with some over 10. We want to be the best we can be and by doing so your time with us will be above and beyond the rest. Our business is built on hospitality and professionalism. With over 2000 hours of lessons taught annually, you can rest assured we will get you to the next level while ensuring you've had the best experience possible!

Our Instructors


Terry with his many claims to fame. Starting life as a surfer and transitioning to kiteboarding. His style of shredding is unique and his talent for teaching is unmatched. Enjoy the laughter that cuts the edge when things get tough. 


Bo is an avid waterman who loves to fish, spearfish, surf, and of course kiteboard. He is always stoked on all life has to offer and puts 110% effort into each lesson. He wants to make sure you have the most enjoyable time out on the water with safety being the #1 priority. Bo parle couramment le Francis.

Aaron M.

Living and breathing kiteboarding and all that it offers. Either on the race course or in a big air comp, he's driven by the excitement of learning something new.  Meet him at the shop or on the beach, he's a huge part of what we do. 

Tanner Hayes 

   His roots are deep into the Colorado slopes and thats what lured him into the life of a kiteboarder. Learning from Tanner will be great experience. If your having fun he's having a blast!  

Brad G.

Brad was a career paramedic/firefighter and now retired he pursues his real passion, Kiteboarding. With a decade of experience, his style is relaxed and fun, but with the highest emphasis on safety. His main location for teaching is Tarpon Springs.

Bernard (A.K.A Ben)

Enjoying the atmosphere while spreading the stoke. Ben is an expert in all activities offered by Elite Watersports. With a methodical approach to his instruction, your lessons plan will be structured for success. 

What We Do

Repair Center

Our team is trained to repair all brands of kites. We also do custom control bar tuning and rebuilding. Sewing of the smallest rips to the biggest tears. We can also do full bladder replacements if you spring a leak.


Professional Advice 

Our team is composed of water junkies. We head out daily to test the gear so that we have real, hands-on experience. We have all been in the watersports industry for the majority of our lives and only want to spread the knowledge of our passion.

Meet Our Team

Competitions and Regattas

Elite Watersports hosts huge events. Big air competitions, foil regattas, and beach clean ups. We support our local community in huge ways.

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