Kitesurfing St. Petersburg Florida

Are you looking to master the 'extreme' sport of kitesurfing? Kiteboarding is THE coolest sport out there because it keeps you fit, it's not very hard to understand, and you get to experience the unparalleled feeling of flying while on water. 

Kitesurfing is a wind-powered surface water sport that involves moving across the water with a kite and a board. It uses the wind's strength to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or kiteboard using a large parachute-style kite.

Kitesurfing St. Petersburg Florida

Steps in Kiteboarding Lessons

  • Establishing Rigging Safety and Theory:
  • This course is created to teach you the basics of proper technique and provide you with a clear picture of what you will learn in these classes. Security is paramount, and you'll understand how to use the eject system correctly. Estimated time on the beach: 30–45 minutes, depending on the number of details taught. 

  • Kite Controls for Beginners and Intermediates:
  • The most critical aspect is flying a kite. You'll begin by standing in waist-deep water with two hands gracefully flying a kite in the wind. You'll advance to one-handed flight once we've mastered the technique. Both forward moves, body drags, walking with a board, and riding will include one-handed flying.

  • Body Drags and Advanced Kite Control:
  • Learn how to power stoke your kite as you fly through the sea. The power stroke is what propels you forward. Body dragging with two hands is for downwind travel, and one-handed is for crosswind travel. To retrieve your kite, you must be able to fly it with one hand while body dragging crosswind to recover your lost board in water deeper than your shoulders.

  • Short Rides, Waterstarts, and Regulated Stops:
  • Now you’ll be putting everything we've taught you together and applying it to the board. It's incredibly inspiring to stand up on the platform for your first rides. Multiple water starts with controlled stops are needed so that the board does not lose control and the kite does not crash. The secret to success is repetition!

  • Body Drags and Advanced Kite Control:
  • Once you've mastered controlling your pace while on the board, you'll soon discover that you have complete freedom to go wherever you want; at this stage, our first aim is to ride upwind and stay upwind. The main goal is to be able to fly upwind for long periods.

    Kitesurfing St. Petersburg Florida

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