Kiteboarding St. Pete

Kiteboarding St. Petersburg

Kiteboarding St. Pete

St. Petersburg is often known as "The Sunshine City." The wind and weather in St. Petersburg make it one of the best spots for kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is among one of the most fun watersports. If you are a fan of watersports and beaches, it is highly recommended that you do read this blog. 

What Exactly is Kiteboarding?

Kitesurfing is a water sport powered by wind, which uses a kite and a board to propel you across the water. Kite surfing should be performed on flat lagoons, in shallow waters, or on large waves. Wind and water are everything you need. Kiteboarding is a vivid sport, which draws both wave riding and wind speed fanatics.

Everything you need to know about kiteboarding to get started

Kitesurfing has to be one of the coolest sports you can do on the water, but the main questions arise, how do you get started in the first place? Where can you learn, and how long does it take? Since most beginners are entirely new to board sports, watersports, and kite-flying, let the lessons begin.

Beginner lessons are important for any kitesurfer who values the sport. A good coach will not only get you up and riding as fast as possible but will also supply you with valuable safety information and procedures. You are a threat to yourself and everyone else on the water and beach if you do not have this information.

Who to Choose?

If you consider taking the kiteboarding lessons and living in regions around St. Petersburg, Elite Watersports lessons are the best spot for you.

Why choose Elite Watersports?

Elite Watersports are one of the leading brands when it comes to watersports. They have a fast yet safe approach to kiteboarding. The instructors have received extensive experience in the watersports industry. Their Lessons include. 

Set Up Rigging Safety and Theory

Designed to provide you with the basics that can serve as a firm basis for proper technique. Providing you with a good description of what is going to be learned in your classes. 

Security is paramount, and you'll learn just how to use the ejecting device. Estimated time on the beach: 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of details.

Beginner and Intermediate Kite Controls

The most critical aspect is flying a kite. We will begin by standing in waist-deep water with two hands and gracefully flying a kite within the wind window.

When we've learned two-handed flight, we'll move on to one-handed flying. Both forward motions, body drags, walking with the board, and riding would necessitate one-handed flight.

Body Drags And Technical Kite Flight

Study how to power stoke the kite when floating in the sea. The power stroke is what propels you forward. Body dragging with two hands is used for downwind movement, and one-handed dragging is used for crosswind travel. 

To recover your missing board in water deeper than your head, you must be able to fly a kite with one hand when pulling your body crosswind.

Waterstarts, Short Rides, And Controlled Stops

Bringing everything we've told you together by using the board. It's a lot of fun to stand up on the platform for the first trips. We want to stress that short trips will help you develop your abilities even better than long rides.

Advanced Kite Control And Body Drags

When you've mastered managing your pace when sitting on the board, you'll soon remember that you can go anywhere you want. At this stage, our first aim is to ride upwind and keep upwind. The end aim is to fly upwind for a long time and then back downwind to the ocean. One-handed riding will support you in accomplishing this.

So what’s holding you back? Get your kiteboarding lessons right now by clicking over here


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