Kiteboarding Season in Tampa Bay

Kiteboarding Season in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, Florida may technically have four seasons, but if you ask any local if they agree with that, they will likely laugh and tell you no! Floridians claim there are really only two seasons per year; hot and not so hot. Well, we’re here to elaborate on these “seasons” and highlight exactly what each time of year brings. 

The main time of year that we love is the “Kiteboarding Season”, which is October through May. Why is this? During the summertime (June-September; the exceptionally hot months), the wind thermals die off causing a lack of a steady/predictable breeze coming through Tampa Bay. So, as local, Tampa Bay Kiteboarders, we live for those cooler, windier months. 

Kiteboarding in Tampa Bay

Fall/Winter/Spring Season:

  • We can count on cooler temperatures (ok, like below 90 degrees)
  • The wind patterns are predictable
  • Chances of having wind at some point every day are highly likely
    • No excuses for rarely getting time on the water!
  • Outdoor activities are endless

Summer Season:

  • Kiteboarding TRAVEL Season
    • Take the summertime to travel to new kiting destinations around the Globe
  • Hydrfoiling is still in full swing during the summertime
  • Boating Fun
    • No wind, no problem! Stay cool and have fun with watersports behind a boat or a jet ski
    • Skurfing, Hydrofoiling, Wakeboarding, etc.
  • Elite Watersports Wakeboarding Lessons Available
  • Elite Watersports Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) Lessons, Rentals, and Tours Available

Regardless of the time of year that you’re in Florida, you’re going to enjoy yourself. The vast miles of pristine white beaches and waterways ensure that anyone seeking some outdoor adventures will surely find them. The folks at Elite Watersports are here to help aid in making your time in Tampa Bay forever memorable; give us a call to book an outdoor adventure with us today!


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