Kiteboarding Lessons St.Petersburg FL

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Learn how to Kiteboard in St.Petersburg Florida this season! The wind has arrived and we are ready to get you out on the water kiting. 

Kiteboarding in St.Petersburg is an amazing way that you could get out in the water and meet new people. Proper kiteboarding instruction will be the best way that you can prepare to take on this incredible activity. It is important to not try this by yourself without supervision. Taking lessons with jetski support will not only increase the learning curve but your overall experience. Trying to learn to kiteboard without a guide can be difficult and with the right instruction as well as with the right store to grab all the proper kiteboarding equipment, you will be able to enjoy an easier experience with your time kiteboarding.

St.Petersburg area is very well known for its kiting scene. Many kiters will not only travel the country to come here to kite the flat water but internationally as well. With our unique landscape we can kite on any wind direction in a lagoon. The sand bars surrounding Skyway Beach help reduce the waves making it more enjoyable to learn how to kiteboard. 

Depending on the wind direction and the tides we will also teach at the beautiful East Beach Fort Desoto. This kiting location is also surrounded by a sand bar creating a kiting lagoon. You will also have a beautiful view of the skyway bridge perfect for photos. 

Call (727)800-2202 to book lessons for your next trip to St.Petersburg Florida.