Kiteboarding Grand Caymans East End

The Location

If you're looking for turquoise blue water, and butter flat conditions the East End of Grand Cayman or the "Sweet Spot" as locals call it, is the place to travel on your next kiteboarding vacation. Grand Cayman is in the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Greater Antilles, for those who are already searching the internet trying to figure out where this kiteboarding mecca is located. 

The Best Months

The months of November-April is when the trade winds blow, creating the perfect atmosphere for a kiteboarders paradise. My travels brought me to the island the during the month of February for my birthday, and was what I would describe as one of the most unbelievable trips I've experienced to date.  

The Island

The island is surrounded by coral reefs which act as a barrier from the depths of the Cayman Trough (which is over 7,500 meters deep). The East End is protected by a lagoon that has waist deep water which provides ideal conditions for all levels of riders. On the inside of the lagoon the waist deep water provides glassy conditions for beginners, or for advanced riders looking for a little more action they can traverse outside of the reef to catch some waves.