Kiteboarding Equipment

In order to successfully kiteboard, one must have the proper equipment. Below, each piece of equipment is listed and briefly explained.  

CORE XR5 Kite for Kiteboarding
Control bar for kiteboarding


Kite – The kite is the most obvious (and probably exciting) part of the equation. A kiteboarding kite is what catches the wind and provides lift and forward movement. There are many different shapes, styles, and sized kites for different applications but they all have the same purpose: to turn wind into fun! Learn about all the different types of kites here.


Board – In order to glide across the water, a board must be used. Most boards used, especially when beginning, are called twin-tip boards. This means that they are symmetrical and can be ridden in both directions. Most twin-tip boards have straps that hold the feet firm to the board when underway but are easily slipped in and out of to start or stop riding. Learn about all the different types of kiteboards here.

Control Bar

Bar and Lines – The bar and lines are what connect the kiter to the kite and allow the rider to control the kite. Most of today’s kites have four lines going from the bar to the kite. The bar is used to steer the kite as well as power and depower the kite.

Kite Boards

Kiteboarding has many different layers and disciplines. Surfing, foiling and twin tips are the most popular in this water sport. We say when kiteboarding becomes a little stale after using the same board for years switch it up. Buying a new board or switching styles will spark that fire inside again. Get out on the water and try something new. Here is a quick break down on those boards. 

Kite Surfboards

Made for the high impacts and high stress these board encounter during kiteboarding. Most have inserts for foot straps. Some riders may challenge themselves by going strapless. With these boards you'll need to switch your feet depending on which side you want facing forward.


Twin Tips

The majority of kiteboarders will make this their primary board. Just like the name, they are designed to go both ways. A wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on the riders needs. 

Twin Tips

Hydrofoil Boards

Designed to offer a platform for flight. A hydro foil is attached to the bottom of these boards. These boards can be sometimes referred to as landing gear when possibly set back down into the water. The more skilled a hydro foiler is determines the size and shape.