Kiteboarding Beginner

Video Time: Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson Video.

You’ve decided to enter into the fastest-growing sport in the World, Congratulations! It’s a decision you will not regret. Watching instructional videos about kiteboarding basics is highly recommended. Our students, who take the time to view a few kiteboarding beginner videos before your first kiteboarding lesson, show steady progression and understanding. Like with anything, having a little bit of background knowledge on the product or service you’re investing your hard-earned money in is always a great thing.

Elite Watersports staff members have hand-selected a few videos to highlight the basics of how a kiteboarding lesson is shaped and of course what to expect during the lesson. You’ll review the basics of the kiteboarding gear, like the kite, the kiteboard, and the control bar. Another video demonstrates how to properly body-drag, which is a critical skill all new kiteboarders should master. 

Remember though, all of our lessons are private and very personal. Kiteboarding lessons are shaped around each student’s own skill level and needs, not according to some cookie-cutter sheet of directions. All Elite Instructors, experienced professionals, will ensure your time on the water is structured and safe, but most importantly, FUN!

Previous students have also found that these videos provide insight into basic kiteboarding moves, which better prepared them for their time on the water. The skills displayed in the videos are what each student needs to conquer in order to have a safe and enjoying time on the water. 

After you’ve viewed the beginner videos, check out the videos for the next few levels of kiteboarding. Happy viewing!

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Kite Setup

 Proper Hand Placement on Bar

 Body Dragging

 Water Relaunch


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