Gift Certificates


Kiteboarding lessons are an excellent choice for a gift. What better way to spend a day at the beach and harnessing the wind. Whether you think they just want a taste test or a full day of excitement we are here for you. We structure our lessons specifically to our students’ needs.

Kiteboarding lessons are a great gift for anyone! Surprise them with a couple hours or a day of fun. Two hours is just enough to get the feeling like a “Taste Test” and semi-comfortable behind the gear.  A 5-hour lesson will get them up and riding both ways. 

Most kiteboarding lessons are taught in St Petersburg or Tarpon Springs where the water is nice and shallow. This promotes a safe teaching environment and also optimizes learning. 

We do offer a jet ski for assistance. Why? Not just for safety but also to maximize time learning behind the kite. With kiteboarding, the wind is always pushing us downwind until we can successfully ride back and forth. What we want to do is start teaching way upwind from our launch spot and then slowly make our way back down towards it. Two options, Walk in waist-deep water or jump on the jet ski for an easy shuttle back up. Totally up to you whether we use the jet ski and we can always add it if you or they change their mind.

kiteboarding in St Petersburg

You are also able to purchase gift certificates for in-store credit!