Fliteboard Air




Series 3

Master your ride

An easy-going, inflatable board for learning and adventures.

  • The safest eFoil on the market
  • Swap between jet and prop
  • Innovation at our core


Board Features

At 6 foot and 164 litres, Air. Made to be used. For Fliteschools or yachts, it’s strong enough to maintain constant enjoyment.

Team Inflatable

Fliteboard AIR is made from advanced materials and constructed to be durable and lightweight. PVC Coated Drop Stitch material inflates around a carbon core, providing superior buoyancy and strength.

Size 6' x 30"
Weight: 43.2lb + Flitecell
Volume: 164L

This item includes the board and board bag. Not compatible with Series 1 eFoil or Flite Controller.



Master your ride

Foil time up to 2.5hrs

Distance up to 25 miles

Cruise control

Calculate your ride time

Share the adventure


Riders can boost performance and responsiveness by replacing the prop guard with the Pro Tail Cover. Up to 20% more efficient.




Forgiving falls

AIR's width and length create a stable platform for learning. The shorter 24" mast makes it more forgiving when you fall.




Call us for our professional advice and let us customize the perfect Fliteboard for you today!



Compatible Accessories

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