2022 Elite Watersports Brazil Expedition
Sept 10 - Sept 21

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Downwinders for Days

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12 Kiters. 10 Days. 5 Posadas. 250 km. 

We will be traveling to northeastern Brazil for a 10 day kiteboarding adventure!  This trip will be packed full of the most raw untouched landscapes you may ever encounter. Each day will bring a new adventure with 5 stops at different posadas along the coast. We are gearing this trip exclusively for Elite customers who truly are ready for the time of their life. 

SERVICES INCLUDED:- Double room accommodation for 10 nights with breakfast included.  
 - Dinner and lunch included, 1 Soda/Juice/Water per person included.
 - Snacks, fruits and refreshments included during the day.
 - 4x4 Transportation, 5 seats Hilux 4x4 cars.
 - Water guides and car support during downwinders.
- In/Out Airport Transfers. In case someone decides to arrive stay longer transfer will not be included.
 - Drone Video and Photos during the trip. 
 - Garmin Inreach SOS GPS for communication during downwinders.

-Kite Gear

Additional Information
-Conditions here in Brazil are amazing, 100% windy days, 90 during the day and 75 at night temps, 82 degree water temperature, 1000km of endless beaches with onshore winds, great food and great accommodations.
- Wind range here goes from 20 to 35 knots depending on the spot. The closest you get to Jericoacoara the strongest it gets. Im 65kg and I kite mostly with my 8/9m kite.
- Kite spare parts are always handy, here its not so easy to get them, so maybe some spare lines, screws, fins, patches, etc are handy.
- Sunscreen and a hat are a must.
- Clothes: You don’t need much, similar to Miami, warm at night also, so the less the better. Boardshorts, shirts, flip-flops and 1 warmer cloth just in case and for the Delta day.
 US $250 per day per person. 10 days x $250 per day = $2,500
 *** COVID Vaccination Required to enter Brazil



Adventure Awaits... 

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We will be exploring new territory on this trip to Brazil. Come explore with us!  Call 727-800-2202 to reserve your spot today!