This wing is apart of our demo fleet! Come give it a try! 

Introducing the premium version of the ADX, the Wing-Surfer ADX Nvision, it is significantly lighter and dramatically more rigid, resulting in a more direct feel and higher pump efficiency. Built to cater to the needs of riders who demand nothing but the best, the ADX Nvision boasts a cutting-edge Helium Frame construction that utilizes 82 gsm Aluula, making it extremely lightweight and stiff without compromising durability. With a sleek and stylish design that embodies the signature ADX feel, this high-end wing is the epitome of performance and precision. Its dual “luff panel” locks the shape of the wing in place, providing maximum draft stability in a wide wind range. The 50D Nano ripstop canopy, renowned for its low-stretch and tear-resistant features, ensures the ADX Nvision is built to handle even the most intense conditions.


High Aspect Geometry - A wider wingspan gives maximum power efficiency

Hybrid T-Bone Leading Edge Construction - The T- stringer construction stiffens the wing structure and increases efficiency High V Dihedral

Inflated Structure - Increased dihedral provides optimized riding balance

Ergonomic Curved Strut - Optimized for hand position, making it easier to sheet in

Rigid Handle Design - Aluminum drop shape handle design gives maximum efficiency and control

Optimized Window Design - The multi-window design provides visibility where it is needed most

Maximum Pumping Efficiency - The direct feel of the wing translates into optimized pumping efficiency

Optimized Draft Stability - The locked-in draft of the wing gives a wide wind range

Optimized Power Delivery - Provides ultimate low-end power and is highly responsive

Optimized Canopy Tension - Increases power delivery and provides a direct feel

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