Used and Demo Kiteboards and Twin Tips

Used Twin Tips for Sale in Tampa Bay, FL

Twin tips are essential for watersports, making it integral you get high-quality gear for your setup. If you're looking to buy used twin tips in Tampa Bay, FL, come to Elite Watersports. We carry pre-owned and demo twin tips to help you get the equipment you need at an affordable price.

What Are Twin Tips Used For?

A twin-tip board works well for jumps, tricks and easy movements because it can move in either direction without changing feet. It is often used in kiteboarding and hydrofoiling.

We carry new and used twin tips from several brands:

  • Slingshot
  • Liquid Force
  • Core
  • Naish
  • Ozone

Additional Information About Our Used Twin Tips in St. Petersburg, FL

At Elite Watersports, we ensure that all the used twin tips we sell are high-quality. Our team inspects pre-owned and used gear to ensure it's in proper condition before you take them on the water.

While we accept trade-ins, many of our twin tips have only been used for lessons or demos so we know the condition for certain. You can trust that our used twin tips are ready for years of riding. We price them based on the estimated time of use.

Once you've made a purchase, we'll contact you with shipping information. Most of our shipping costs are between $25.00 and $75.00 — you can learn more on our shipping page.

Buy Used Twin Tips in St. Pete, FL Today

When you need twin twips, Elite Watersports has several used options to help you get them at a great price. Start shopping online or visit our store today!

2023 North Astra 132cmx39cm Demo ND W/Straps
Save $401.20

2023 North Astra 132cmx39cm Demo ND W/Straps



This board is in great condition. For those female riders out there, this board would be your go to size. this board comes with straps and has mino...

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Save $401.20

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