Used Foil Control Bar. Part of the Elite Watersports demo fleet. 

From Naish

The Zero kite bar was created to give the rider the most direct control. To do this we eliminated all the EVA typically found on a control bar and utilized a 3K carbon construction providing the stiffest control system with no losses in control due to bending. Our industry leading aluminum insert with a replaceable Nylatron center reduces friction and wear on your trim line, one of the factors giving the rider direct control of their kite. The Nylatron insert utilizes titanium hardware, preventing the screw heads from stripping. All control and flying lines are premium 400 TLS lines from Cousins. The quick release mechanism is made out of 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The Zero bar also utilizes the industry leading cleat manufacturer ClamCleat as the adjustable trim system. If you are looking for a lightweight, direct, clean and functional control system then the Zero bar is for you.


  • 3K Carbon Bar: Provides the lightest and stiffest bar for direct control
  • Replaceable Nylatron® Insert with Titanium Screws: Dramatically reduces friction and wear on the trim line and the aluminum bar center, ultimately increasing their life
  • Adjustable Throw: For riders preference
  • 4 Adjustment Knots: On the leader lines
  • Carbon Line Winders: Keep the bar clean and simple
  • Premium TLS 400 Lines in 22+2 m: Strong and thin lines for slicing through the air
  • Clam Cleat: Reliable trimming
  • Snap shackle QR: This release has all the strength of a standard snapshackle with the added bonus of being able to be released under load so you know it will release when you need it.

Package Includes

  • Control Bar
  • Carry Bag

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