E-Foils for Sale St. Petersburg, Florida

Looking for a way to enjoy the thrill of surfing without the waves? With an electric surfboard from Elite Watersports, you can enjoy the rush of surfing on virtually any body of water.

Beginner Friendly Electric Surfboards

Whether it's your first time on a board or you've tried out an electric surfboard before, Waydoo Flyer e-foils at Elite Watersports are ideal for surfers of any experience level. Choose between the Waydoo Flyer One+ EPP E-foil, The EPP Foil Kit and the Waydoo Flyer One+ Carbon E-foil to find the perfect board for your needs.

Key Features

Waydoo e-foil boards feature a PowerFlight Cell lithium battery that can handle even the most extreme marine environments. The lithium battery is rechargeable and replaceable and features a two-step installation. With an IP68 waterproof rating, you can rely on the battery to last through daily wear and tear and provide protection against overcurrent, excess voltage and overheating.

Additional Waydoo e-foil features include:

  • Prepreg carbon construction: Choose from an Explorer or Patroller option. The Explorer features a larger wing for excellent stability, while the Patroller has a smaller wing for a faster ride.
  • Wireless hand controller: The wireless Waydoo hand controller features improved ergonomics and a thumb-controlled throttle for precise adjustments.
  • Less noise: Each Waydoo board efficiently utilizes the battery power allowing for quiet operation.
  • High-efficiency: With an improved motor, the impeller and drivetrain use less energy for greater efficiency.

Buy an E-Foil in St. Petersburg

At Elite Watersports, we want to help you get out on the water at soon as possible — that's why we offer e-foil lessons. Our certified instructors have years of experience and will ensure you feel completely comfortable at every step.

Start chasing new thrills by purchasing an e-foil from our location in St. Petersburg, Florida, today!

S26 Naish Jet HA 2140  Complete Foil
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S26 Naish Jet HA 2140 Complete Foil



Expert Performance Foil Surfing / Downwind Foiling / Wing-Surfing Designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performanc...

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