Foot Hooks

Foiling and riding surfboards are a ball of fun and a new challenge, especially when riding strapless. The learning curve with riding strapless can be daunting, but innovations like foot hooks create an easier transition from having your feet locked into a board, to being completely free and open on the board deck. Foot hooks screw into the typical screw inserts in surfboards and foil boards and can be positioned in front or behind your foot. They have a thickly padded, ninety degree curve that goes over the top of the foot but does not connect on the other side. This allows you to move your foot around on the deck but gives you leverage and support when you need to waterstart or make a faster turn.
2020 North Free Surf Strap Set

2020 North Free Surf Strap Set


Free Surf Strap Set SURF / FOIL STRAPS DESCRIPTION From North Experience instant planing in full comfort with our lightweight memory foam Surf St...

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