Core Used or Demo

CORE Used and Demo Program

CORE kiteboarding has a very unique sales program in the kiteboarding industry. Every model of respected gear has a version stamp. For example the model of kite "XR" will have its version at the end like this XR"5". They typically have a two-3 year version of each model and only update the version name when upgrades are made. CORE also does not allow retailers to discount their gear. This helps to maintain value. The end consumer benefits in this when reselling their used gear. This collection is of used and or demoed core gear that we currently have stock of. If you don't see something you are looking for, contact us directly. (727) 800-2202

The price structure for all demo gear is a discount off.

0-10% off US Retail is like new. Used 1-9 times

10-20% off US Retail is Slightly worn but very good condition

20-30% off US Retail moderately worn and used 20-30 times

30% or more off US Retail is heavy use or has repairs done by us.

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