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What's up with Armstrong?

So how did Armstrong take over the foiling world?

We’re here to tell you how this brand entered the foiling world and why they are a strong brand. 

It all started with a group of friends and a passion for all things foiling. These friends from all different professions decided to create a fleet of products that would cover all foiling sports they love. In addition, they say “the goal was to develop a top of the line foil set up that we could easily use for all the foil sports we love” (website). And boy did they deliver those products!

The brand started with the designer from Armie who rode all of the new products to see what else he could tweak, change, or add. The brand and designer’s focus is the feeling you get when riding. In elaboration, the sublime feeling that makes the sport so enjoyable and addicting. In other words, the excitement you get when you have the free flow experience from their products. So now that we know how the company started and their overall goal let’s look into the family history.

When designing the products Armstrong only wanted the best from all aspects of the profession to bring the best products money could buy you. With that being said, they had his father David Armstrong join the team. David is a well respected architect from New Zealand and has been sailing his throughout his life. With his background with architecture and love for being out on the water David was able to bring their design visions to life. Once the designs were created this is where Jim Moore comes into the Armstrong family. For those who do not know who Jim is he is a legendary foil maker and a vetran to the New Zealand America’s Cup Wing building campaigns. Last but not least the Armstrong family added Rob Whittal who was the aerofoil designer and family friend. Rob’s professional background includes tweaking foil sections for hang-gliders, para-gliders, and kites. This wealth of knowledge helped the Armstrong brand create the most stable foil sections that their fleet which was created for the new generation.


As you can see, Armstrong was created with an arsenal of professionals to help bring one of the top brands that money could buy. In addition, this is what the owner of Elite watersports has to say about the brand, “Armstrong came into the shop back in 2017 with new ideas of connections and an idea of making the highest quality of foils on the market. Fast forward to today they have stayed true to this. When deciding what foil I personally want to ride, it has to go along with my surfing background. Armstrong is by nature a surf foil. I was wowed by the speed but yet drove the 800 wing. After that first session I was hooked on Armie. 3 years later we are now having continued customers adding more wings to their arsenal with zero issues with their original set. We are so very happy to have this company in the shop.”

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