The Top 10 Best Gifts for Kiteboarders

The Top 10 Best Gifts for Kiteboarder's

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Gifts for Kiteboarder's. Elite Watersports has you covered with all your needs when it comes to water sports. Contact us today or come and visit our shop to speak with a team member.

Kiteboarding Apparel

Every kiteboarder loves being out on the water and showing their style. Getting a kiteboarding shirt from one of the biggest water sports companies like Mystic is a great gift idea that any kiteboarder will wear anytime and any place. These come in various colors including some bright ones that stand out for those who want to show off their character which makes it a top 10 best gift for kiteboarders.

The Top 10 Best Gifts for Kiteboarders

Land and Sea Dry Bag

Every kiteboarder needs a dry bag for storing all of their things in a safe and waterproof place while they spend hours out on the water. Kiteboarders thrive in inclimate weather so having a bag to protect their phones, wallet, keys, and other things from rain and wind is mandatory and a dry bag does that. It can also be a dry place to keep wet things from places you don’t want them such as keeping a wet towel from a car or a wetsuit from the back of a chair.


These are like big oversized towels for your entire body. Not only are they extremely warm and comfortable for kiteboarders getting right out of their wetsuit but they are also some of our favorite things to wear at home on the couch. They can even be thrown on right over your wetsuit after a session and be used as a personal changing room. These large ponchos are soft and water absorbing towels that are one of the most comfortable things we have ever put on and never want to take off.

The Top 10 Best Gifts for Kiteboarders


One of the staples of any warm weather kiteboarder is a swimsuit. One of the most stylish swimsuits for women is a Mystic Dazzled Coral Quick Dry Long Sleeve Swim Suit that can be used out on the water in a session. These suits work as rash guards and provide 50+ UV protection on those warm and sunny days. The suits also look really cool for the fashion forward kiteboarders who like to look good while kiteboarding.

Towel Quick Dry

Having a towel on hand is a must for every kiteboarder but having a quick dry towel is another level of convenience. Quick dry towels are easy to use and can be wrung out and dried basically on the spot and immediately. These allow for kiteboarders to dry everything off from their session and then not have to deal with the burden of lugging around a big wet towel. Plus the Mystic quick dry towels come in some cool and vibrant color schemes.

Towel Quick Dry

Liquid Force Go Kitesurf Travel Bag - Surfboard Size

This is one of the bigger ticket items to gift a kiteboarder but they will love this top of the line kiteboard bag which is one of the biggest and best on the market. The surfboard sized bag allows boarders to carry two full-sized kiteboards and three kites with even room for more. It is made really easy to carry with handles and wheels and also is made of some of the most durable material so you don't have to worry about travelling with it or throwing it in the back of a pickup truck or leaving it out on the beach.

Liquid Force Go Kite Travel Bag | Elite Watersports


A wetsuit is mandatory for any kiteboarder as most kiteboarders like to go out in stormy weather to catch the biggest air. This will allow them to do that with some of the best cold weather wetsuits you can get. These wetsuits are not only top of the line but are also specifically designed for kiteboarders.

The Top 10 Best Gifts for Kiteboarders

Lakesurf Balance Board

A balance board is a great way to practice for kiteboarding or any other boarding sport. The point of a balance board is to work on your balance that directly translates to board sports. It is also a fun game to have around the house and a tool that can be used for a good workout. This is definitely a fun gift to give to that active someone who is always looking for a new toy.

The Top 10 Best Gifts for Kiteboarder's


This is one of the coolest gift ideas for a kiteboarder that they might not even know they want. Woo is a device that measures how high you are getting on your jumps while kiteboarding. They even have an app that turns it into a game where you can compare your jumps against others and earn badges for jumps of certain heights. It is a great gift for that kiteboarder who is always after the biggest air and jumps out there and now they can track how big they are going.

Woo Elite Watersports

Gift Card 

It’s never a bad gift to give someone the gift of choice of what they want. Giving a gift card to someone to pick out their own gear at Elite Water Sports can give them the choice of an item on this list or something that you may never even know that they wanted or needed for kiteboarding. If you know someone is into kiteboarding and water sports, a gift card can be just what they are looking for and finally get what they have been looking at.


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