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2021 Ride Engine Harness Review

We reviewed three out of the four new Ride Engine 2021 Harness lineup

The first Harness we reviewed was the Carbon Elite.

This harness paired with the new Unity Direct spreader bar is a must have. When assembling the harness we noticed that instead of having adjustable straps on the sides it has a set and lock system. Set the harness on the beach and no need to adjust the harness later with the new set and go ladderlock. Another really nice feature to this harness is the knife pocket that is underneath the belt. This makes it easy to grab if needed, but tucked away safely when riding. In addition, the spreader bar is ambidextrous so when unlatching the harness you could do it from either side. Use the tension lock webbing handle to set it and forget it. In addition, when reviewing the harness we did notice that the sizing is very accurate. Ben tried the medium size even though he is a small but found that due to the ladderlock technology it allowed him to make it small enough to fit. After a few sessions though, he noticed that there is a break in period. Therefore, if you are normally a medium go with the medium but know that it might be a little snug at first. 

The Saber Harness is a mid flex harness while still having the lumbar support Ride Engine is known for.

The material is soft yet grips enough to not give any rashes or abrasions. This harness is perfect for freestyle with the amount of flexibility. Pair this harness with the Unity Direct spreader bar with the new patent pending ladder lock set it and forget it system. No need to worry about adjusting your harness while out on the water. The saber is a blend of hard composite material computer aided structural contour. 

The Momentum harness was designed for the rider to have maximum freedom and flexibility.

Even Though the harness has flexibility it still has the same lumbar support as their other harnesses. The new padding has decreased the amount of water absorption and extra weight without taking away the comfort. The belt strap also includes the knife pocket same as the Saber and Elite Carbon. Pair this harness with their new unity spreader bar or it can accept Ride Engines standard spreader bar. However, the momentum harness does not have the set it and forget it ladderlock system. 


Unity Sliding Rope Conversion is a simple kit to switch from the kiteboarding hook or the windsurfing hook. The package comes with all the things needed to make that quick transition. Ride Engine also has an informative youtube video showing how to change the spreader bar to have the rope conversion. 

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