Tampa Kite Invasion 2021 NOR & SI

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions 

2021 Tampa Kite Invasion

Race day: October 2, 2021

Where: Google Map Search the locations as they are spelt”

  • From; Lassing Park 2042 Beach Dr SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
  • TO; Skyway Beach google “skyway beach”


Registration: EliteWatersports.com, then in the search bar type “Tampa Kite Invasion Registration”

Cost: 65.00 per racer. With the option to donate more.

Charity Organization: Tampa Bay Watch

Liability waivers and jerseys will be passed out on race day.


  • Radio: VHF Channel 68
  • Cellphone: 7275102166 -  7275107383 “Text too”


       Twin Tip and Surfboard: Each racer will be required to team up with another racer. That team will be scored by the place at which they cross the finish line. They are not required to stay together. Scoring example = If one team mate crosses the finish 5th and the second team mate finishes in 10th, that team has 15 points. Lowest combined score for each division wins. Each team mate is required to do a self check in with the finish boat or beach officer. 

        Foil and Wind Wing: It is a requirement to have a safety partner. This is designed for safety and accountability. Score will be done individually for each division. 



  • Line Honors: Male and Female
  • Beat the record: 17min 04 sec set by Kevin Reali 2019
  • 1st place Twin Tip and Surfboard team
  • 1st place Foil male and female
  • 1st place Wing male and female 


Updates: Every evening 7pm leading up to the race starting 9/29/2021


  • Ability This race is designated for experienced riders that have background in downwinders and self preservation. If you have not done a downwinders you should not attempt this one as your first. There is no solid exit point. After you commit to the start, the next exit is 10 miles away. 
  • Equipment All racers are required to wear orange jerseys for visual aid with personal floatation vest underneath. It is advised to wear a personal locating beacon device along with VHF for extra safety. Bring your phone! Race smart and invest in safety.
  • Actions In the event of needing a rescue. The racer is required to do a “self rescue”. Which is ejecting from the kite, wrapping up the bar and lines, getting to their kite and using the kite as a flotation device until safety boats are able to get to you. This may not be immediate. You will be found easier by staying with your gear. It will be impossible to find you if you don’t stay with your. Use your orange jerseys wrapped around your arm or board to elevate the fluorescent orange above waves. 
  • After Rescue The racer/s will be dropped off at closest exit points. (See “exit points”) From there it is up to the racer to arrange transportation. After your rescue you will automatically be accounted for but we still want you to try and contact your team mate. 
  • Partner/Team mate All racers are required to be in contact with their respected partner. If you can’t find your partner at the end of the race, You are required to notify the Race Committee or land officers. If you are at the start line, you are required to check in by calling or sending a text message to 727-510-2166 AND 727-510-7383. If you do not check in the COAST GUARD WILL BE CALLED and notified of your disappearance 2 hours after start of the race. 
  • RETIREMENT: You are not able to quit the race without notifying the finish line boat, safety personnel, or land officer. Once you are checked in you will be excused with no further support. You have 1 hour and 30 minutes from the start to finish the race. If you are not checked in 2 hours after start the proper authorities will be notified.   
  • All safety personnel have the authority to discontinue a participant's race. They will notify the race committee and you will be clearly notified verbally to vacate the race course. 
  • Upon making contact with safety personnel/boat, their first question will be “do you need to be rescued?” If you respond “No” they will move on to the next racer possibly in need. Focusing on one racer needing assistance for an extended period of time jeopardizes the safety of the entire fleet. They are there to rescue you and not assist you.   

Starting Rules:

      -We will be running this race on an honor system. 

      -If you are over the line early you must exit the course and return to the start line without interfering with the flow of traffic. 

      -You must have reasonable forward movement to keep your board on plane at all times while waiting to start.  No Squatters! This will cause a traffic jam and you will be disqualified. 

      -Foilers will be able to have boards in water if this helps maintain control.

      -No collision at sea is acceptable. 

      -Be courteous, and have etiquette. It’s a 10+mile race and you'll have plenty of time to keep up or make up.

      -It is highly recommended for most racers not taking the race as seriously to have a static start located on the Lassing Park SandBar.

Start Line: 

  East Wind Boat and Yellow buoy will have 100 yards separation. Located perpendicular to the southern most part of Lassing Park Beach. See Photo

Tampa Kite Invasion 2021 

Start Sequence is 3 minutes: October 2nd, at 9:30am

  • 9:30- Red class flag goes up
  • 9:31- Blue papa flag goes up
  • 9:32- Blue papa flag goes down
  • 9:33- Red class flag goes down. GO!
  • 10:03- End of start. You may not start racing after 10:03

Time Allotted: 1 hour 30Minutes (course record=17min 04 seconds)The race committee and safety personnel will discontinue race support 1.5 hours after the start of race. Search and rescue will commence if not all racers are accounted for at 2 hours after start. The Coast Guard will be notified of your disappearance.

Finish Line:

    East Wind The finish line will be south East of the Skyway beach sandbar. You must cross this line to finish the race. Using a 30’ boat with 15’ American Flag and Core Kiteboarding Feather Flag. 100yards downwind of the boat will be a triangle inflatable buoy. Make sure your jersey is properly displayed. Proceed immediately to the beach and check in with the beach officer.

Tampa Kite Invasion 2021

Exit Points: 

        East wind Race:

          There are 4x designated exit points along the east wind route. These are exit points we suggest you use in time of need. Safety boat captains will decide on what is the best location for drop off if they are assisting you. All racers are responsible for transportation after drop off. All safety boats will be monitoring VHF channel 68.

  1. Lassing Park 2042 Beach Dr SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
  2. Point Pinellas Boat ramp 500 Pinellas Point Dr S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 
  3. Scenic Windsurfing launch 33705 mid way between skyway beach and St Petersburg main land.
  4. Skyway Beach   Google Skyway Beach

Tampa Kite Invasion 2021

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