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Lets go foiling behind a boat.

person foiling behind a boat

Let’s go foil behind a boat with a real wave.


Everyone knows the new craze is foiling on waves and behind boats. It has caught on so extremely fast that we now want to offer it behind boats. You too can enjoy this new exciting way to get out on the water. Learn to ride the wave without a rope and pump down the line with ultimate freedom. 

Elite Watersports has teamed up with Fresh Off the Boat Seafood to provide you with a massive wake. Their 28′ boat featured in the video below will help you progress to the self sufficient stage of being able to let go of the rope. It provides a wake that is 3′ high! Once your able to do that the possibilities are endless. Keep your windless days active and try something new.

Here is the list of prerequisites.

  1. Must have been on a foil more than once or have had several foil lessons behind our Jet Ski. Sign up today for a foil lesson.
  2. Must be able to be pulled up as if you were wake boarding.
  3. Approved sign off from an Elite instructor that you already know the basics of foiling and are suited to give it a try behind the boat.
  4. It’s easy but we want to get the basics covered before we bring you out on a boat.

We provide the set up. 

  1. Helmets-
  2. Lifejackets-
  3. Foils-
  4. Boat-
  5. Cooler full of ice-

The cost.

70.00/per person and a 3 person minimum per trip

The trip is approximately 3-4 hours long

Private session are available 1-6 people for 3-4 hours at a rate of 400.00

GoPro option with edit. 99.00

Location of pick up

Shark Tails on North St Pete Beach


Most all weekends and scheduled weekdays 

Call the shops 727-800-2202 or 727-318-0391

We can also put you on a list to be notified for the next session.

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