4 Tips for Maintaining Your Kiteboard Equipment

4 Tips for Maintaining Your Kiteboard Equipment

Kiteboarders of all skill levels need to keep their equipment in good condition to ensure they always have a great ride. Regular kite gear maintenance ensures it lasts as long as possible. Read our top tips to learn how to properly maintain your equipment so you can get more wonderful rides out of it.

1. Examine Your Kite

You should check the kite canopy before and after every session. Look for weakening areas or small holes. If you notice spots that are the size of your finger or smaller, you can fix them with kite repair patches. All you need to do is apply patches twice as long as the hole to both sides of the canopy fabric.

If holes or other issues with the kite canopy are larger, you should schedule maintenance with a repair shop. They can restitch the kite for you. 

2. Properly Store Your Kite

You also need to know how to properly store your kite to ensure it's ready for your next use. Keep it stored in a bag to prevent sun and sand exposure. UV rays can damage your kite, making proper storage critical.

It's crucial to remember to let your kite dry before putting it in the bag or you risk mold and fungus, peeling paint or degrading fabric.

3. Avoid the Heat

Store your gear away from high temperatures — so ensure you take it out of your car after driving home. High temperatures can cause several issues with your kite and other equipment. Heat causes wear on how the valves stick and other maintenance measures. Strut tubes may also melt or break when they overheat, so it's best to store all your gear in a cool environment.

4. Avoid Rough Surfaces

Rough surfaces and materials can cause issues with your kite. When packing up, try to avoid rough surfaces like sand, seashells or sharp objects. These materials can rub against the kite stitches and cause them to wear off, damage the bladder, pop your kite and more. Ensure you pack your kite away from anything that can damage the material. 

Improve Your Kiteboard Equipment With Elite Watersports

Taking care of your kitesurfing gear will help ensure you get many years of fun experiences out of them. If you'd like to upgrade your equipment, check out our online store for new and used equipment today!

If you're near the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas, stop by our store and we'll help you find and repair your gear.

Improve Your Kiteboard Equipment With Elite Watersports

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