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Don’t Lose Faith: Solo Kite Session

water on the shore with kite in the sky

We’ve all been there, we’ve all been told: “don’t lose faith”. Well, I am here to tell you that statement is out in the universe for a reason; whether you’re new to kiteboarding or a seasoned vet, that statement can be applied to us all. It is about this time of year that we start to see more frequent windy days, however, it is also this time of year that we get skunked the most (or at least that is what it has been seeming like lately). Eagerly, and to a point, obsessively, we check our favorite wind forecast apps and websites in hopes that the wind is in our near future. Occasionally, this time of year we see some pretty exciting forecast, but then, over night it changes and we wake up to the realization that we are forced to endure another windless day. At this point, our faith in the sport of kiteboarding may start to wobble; discouraging summer doldrums are definitely to blame! We have invested our hard-earn money into this sport and we are ready to see some returns. 

Having experienced those “feeling sorry for myself”, “the wind will never blow again” kind of blues, I can relate. However, I am lucky to have a huge supporter in my corner always encouraging me that the wind is about to come up! So, that’s what I am here to do for you today! 

The Wind Will Come Up

The wind will come up and you will ride again soon! Some solid advice given to me, which I am now guilty of giving to new students. Along with that line of advice, is that there will be a chance the wind picks up and you will ride as long as you’re sitting at the beach waiting. There is also a 100% chance you will NOT ride if you’re not at the beach. So, look at it this way… hang out at the beach, you might ride; hang out elsewhere, you won’t ride. Pretty simple, right?! What’s more is that you might even get the chance to experience a solo kite session, which, in my humble opinion, is honestly one of the coolest kiteboarding sessions you will have. It’s just you, the kite in the air, the board under your feet, and the wind whistling past your ears. No one to cut you off, no need to stay on course, no rules; just you and the water. 

person kiteboarding in the water in the distance

So, take an hour or two to yourself and go sit on the beach, you might just happen upon the best kite session of your life!

beach with clouds

Riding as the storms roll in. Talk about being one with nature!

empty beach with a van on it

Empty beach! What? 

ocean and sand beach

Solo kite session for the win!

water with kite in sky

Photo Credit: Kevin Castillo (Elite Instructor)

Solo Rider: Brianna Price


See you out there soon, but until then, keep the faith!


August 26, 2017

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