24 hour notice for the 2018 EBAC - Elite Watersports

24 hour notice for the 2018 EBAC

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As we all know this year has been tough on the kiteboarding community especially in the Tampa Bay Area. Thermals pop up out of nowhere and fronts have repeatedly fallen apart before they make it here. We at Elite were super happy though when the air temperature went back down to cool off the water. This will extend our season for afternoon sea breeze. So I guess we all have to think positive that we have 2 more months of 12-20kts most afternoons. 

Let us get to business. We have held off this event for 2 months now and we thought for sure that no way could a forecast go from 35kts to anything lower than 20kts so we made a decision that this Sunday would be the day. Well, go figure The forecast tanked lower than what we are looking for. 

It’s our group vote to postpone this weekend’s event once again. We want that 20+ Kts for more than 4 hours. We will get it, we just have to be patient. I don’t want to discourage anyone from enjoying the winds we will get tomorrow. Right now it’s looking like around 15-20kts and at times a little more. 

We want everyone to know that East Beach Fort Desoto and Skyway could really use a little cleaning so bring a bag and contribute a little cleaning effort. Leave the beach cleaner than when you got there.

Here is Shea Gibson’s synopsis for tomorrow.

Aaron here @ Elite

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