2020 Elite Big Air Classic Feb 1st, 2020 - Elite Watersports

2020 Elite Big Air Classic Feb 1st, 2020

Elite Big Air Classic Febuary 1st!

We need winds of over 20KTs or we move to the next weekend.

-Wednesday 1-29 @7:05 pm will be 1st update
-Thursday 1-30 @7:05 pm will be 2nd update
-Friday 1-31 @7:05 pm will be 3rd and final update with time of Start, Location, Forecast and more

*Number one criteria is 20kts or more for 4x hours

*Divisions are simple

-MASTERS "45+"
-Under 21 “male or female”

-Intermediate “upwind - high backroll”
-Semi Pro “boardoffs-kite loops-multiple rotations”
-Pro “competing in major events around the world”

Rider selects the division based on honor. Judges reserve the right to amend rider’s selection.

*Judging is simple but proven accurate.

-Rider gets 10 total jumps, top 4 will be scored.

-10 Minute heats

-Rider must start heat on time to qualify. Estimated time of start will be posted near judges.

-Judges award each kiteboarder's jumps points on a scale from 1 to 10 in increments of 1/10th of a point;

-If a tie exists, a final death match is only appropriate or Tied kiteboarders' heat scores will be listed in order of the best to worst individual jump scores - the rider with the best individual jump score wins;

-Judges analyze and score jumps based on height (70 percent) technical difficulty and risk factor (30 percent);

-Wind conditions may determine a change in the weight given to the above scoring categories;

-The big air jumps have four basic categories: basic spins and rolls, kite loops, board-offs, and handle passes;

-Capsizing, grabbing the safety leash, crashing the kite, sinking, and landing on your back will be considered crashes by the judges;

-All Crashes will be scored 0 points and will be counted as a jump attempt;

-It will be up to the judges to determine if a butt check is a crash or a scored jump.

-MEGA Loop division will be scored with two factors. Rider must do a mega loop which is near level with rider and what trick is done during that mega loop.
5x mega loop attempts. Best loop is scored. Best score wins. Think “expression” session to inspire others. The mega loop heat will only happen if winds are sustained 25kts or more.

Call the shop for any questions.
Look out below for the link to register.


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