Where to Buy Kites

Where to Buy Kites

Where Should You Buy Kiteboarding Kites?

There are many different places and outlets that you can buy a kiteboarding kite from. However, which one is going to give you the best offer and has the kite you are looking for. We will first go over where you should not buy a kite and why. Then, we will talk about places you can buy kites from and what to look for when purchasing a kite. 

Do not buy a kite from Craig’s list... 

Never buy a used or new kite from craigslist, facebook marketplace, or other similar websites. Unless, you can in person inspect the kite for yourself and pump it up. Without seeing it in person you lose the opportunity to examine the kite up close to see if there have been any repairs to the kite. If there have been any repairs check to see if they are still holding up and if the material used is not drastically worn. After visually inspecting the kite you need to pump the kite up and wait a few minutes to see if it is holding air. This way if a valve is leaking or if a bladder seal is coming loose you can find out before purchasing the kite. If the leading edge or straits are not holding air it could need a complete bladder replacement. If this is the case, know that you will need to replace a bladder that could cost around $160 without installation. Depending on the year of the kite and condition it might not be worth it to purchase the kite. If the seller does not agree to an in person inspection, we advise that you should find a different kite. 

Where to buy kites

Typically kite shops will have a used gear inventory on their website. When looking at the product online check the description to see if there have been any repairs. If they list repairs but do not show photos of the repairs, reach out to the shop. You can ask the shop to send you a picture of where the repairs have been done. Check the shop's return policy on their used gear inventory before purchasing the kite. On the other hand, if you are buying a brand new kite you can buy it from your local shop or online. One thing to keep in mind when buying brand new gear is that companies are not allowed to discount new products. With that being said, if you find a sale on a brand new 2022 kite it is most likely a scam. Shops and companies can discount new gear if it is a year or two old. This is also different for each brand. CORE's policy is that discounts are not allowed unless the product has been used. 

What kite should you buy?

If you are unsure of what brand to go with or a kite specifically check your local kite shop to see if they have any demo events coming up. Each brand will host a day for Kiters to use the new 2022 gear. If you are not wanting the latest gear but just want to compare brands this is a great way to test the gear and ask questions. Elite Watersports also has a Fly Before You Buy program allowing the rider to try out the gear before making the decision. Another option is to call your local kite shop and talk to them about the type of kite you are looking for and see if they can help you out. If you are a beginner and are looking for something that will help you progress call Elite Watersports. They always have gear in stock from all sorts of different brands and can help you find the right kite for you.

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