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Two kite locations close to Tampa.

Can't make it to St Pete? These are your kite beaches. 

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Where can I kiteboard in Downtown Tampa?

Tampa Bay, located on Florida's Gulf Coast, is a beach-lovers paradise. With its warm, sunny climate and beautiful coastline, the area offers a huge variety of beaches for kitesurfers to choose from. Driving to St Petersburg is not always an option for kiteboarders who work and live downtown. The good news is there are a couple of great kiteboarding spots near downtown Tampa.

Most of Tampa's kiteboarding community congregates at Skyway Beach for its prime conditions and the community. We understand that making the drive after work can be a hassle. That's why we're here to share two kiteboarding locations that are close and convenient, so you can get on the water fast without worrying about the commute.

However, if you're a new kitesurfer, we highly recommend making the effort to visit Skyway Beach. The conditions here are among the best in the country for new kitesurfers, and there is a vibrant community of kiteboarders and kitesurfing schools here. If you already know how to kiteboard, kitefoil, or wingsurf and are short on time, these are two of our favorite kitesurfing beaches near Tampa.

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  • Kiteboarding spots near Tampa - Picnic Island.
  • Kiteboarding spots near Tampa - Skyway Beach.
  • Are there more kiteboarding spots near Tampa?
  • Where can I take kiteboarding lessons in Tampa?
  • Why Choose Elite Watersports

Kiteboarding spots near Tampa - Cypress Point Park.

Kiteboarding in Tampa Bay, particularly at Cypress Point Park, offers local kiteboarders a convenient and forgiving experience. Cypress Point Park, located in West Tampa, features two flat water kiteboarding spots on the south and north sides, complete with amenities like ample parking, public restrooms, picnic tables, and grassy areas for kite maintenance.

The south beach provides a large riding area, especially at low tide, while the north beach offers more space for beginners to set up and practice. The shallow waters are ideal for twin-tip kitesurfing but may be too shallow for kitefoiling or wingfoiling. This is the most beginner-friendly location near Tampa, thanks to the shallow waters.

The best wind directions for kiteboarding at Cypress Point Park are from the south, southwest, west, and northwest. These directions offer the smoothest and safest conditions, with southwest winds being the most consistent. Winds from the northwest can provide exciting gusts that lift you higher during jumps but add complexity. Winds from the south or west are smoother and more reliable, making them preferable for most kiteboarders. Additionally, north winds can be colder and more powerful due to their density, requiring extra caution.

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We do have a complete guide with more details on kitesurfing Cypress Point Park. Read the Full Guide here

There are several factors to consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable kiteboarding experience at Cypress Point Park. The water is shallow, even at high tide, and the shoreline has oysters and shells, so wearing booties is recommended. Low tide can be extremely shallow, necessitating caution to avoid injury. It's also important to be aware of structures in the water near the shore and avoid jumping too close to land.

The park prohibits alcohol and dogs, so it's essential to adhere to these rules to maintain the site's welcoming environment.Cypress Point Park is not just a great kiteboarding spot, it's also perfect for kiteboarders who have families or enjoy socializing after their sessions.

The park's amenities, including grills and picnic areas, allow for a relaxing and enjoyable time before and after kiteboarding, creating a welcoming environment for all. However, for those interested in kitefoiling or wingfoiling, other locations like Picnic Island in Tampa Bay may be more suitable due to deeper waters. Despite these considerations, Cypress Point Park remains a top spot for kiteboarding in Tampa Bay, offering both convenience and excellent conditions for riders of all skill levels.

Kiteboarding spots near Tampa - Picnic Island.

Thanks to its convenient location and ample deep water, Picnic Island Park in Tampa Bay is a top spot for kiteboarding, kitefoiling, and wingfoiling. Locals especially favor it for its scenic beaches, easy access, and spacious areas for setting up gear. Unlike many other Tampa Bay beaches, Picnic Island offers deeper waters, making it ideal for hydrofoil enthusiasts. However, the water can be choppier than other kite spots like Skyway Beach or Fort De Soto in St. Petersburg.The best wind directions for kiteboarding at Picnic Island are from the southwest, west, or northwest.

Southwest winds provide the smoothest conditions due to their unobstructed path across the bay. While west and northwest winds are also good, they can be slightly less smooth as they travel over the city. It's important to note that kiteboarding on a northwest wind at the park's southern tip is recommended only for experts due to the potential drift towards a nearby Air Force base.

We do have a complete guide with more details on kitesurfing Cypress Point Park. Read the Full Guide here. 

Picnic Island's launch area is generally easy to use, though kiteboarders should be cautious of sand spurs in the grass and wear shoes. The shore's shallow water allows extra room to launch kites, but deeper waters require a more experienced approach as it's unsuitable for beginners. Despite the deeper water and choppier conditions, the park's amenities make it an excellent spot for a day out with family, combining kiteboarding with recreational activities.Kiteboarders should avoid specific hazards at Picnic Island, such as the boat channel north of the island and the restricted area near the Air Force base. It's also advisable to wear booties due to shells and to inspect the area for sand spurs before setting up.

While the park is excellent for intermediate to advanced riders, beginners are better off practicing at more beginner-friendly locations like Skyway Beach, which offers shallow, flat waters ideal for learning. This is the prime hydrofoil spot for wing surfing and kitefoiling near Tampa. We love it for twintip kiteboarding, but Cypress Point Park is more beginner-friendly.

Kiteboarding spots near Tampa - Skyway Beach.

Skyway Beach is an outlier on this list. Yes, it's not located right in Tampa, but it is renowned for having the best winter kitesurfing conditions in the USA. With consistent winds, a temperate climate, and ideal kiteboarding conditions, it offers the palm tree vibes of South Florida without the hectic traffic.

The friendly local community, vibrant kitesurfing scene, and support from local shops with events, races, gear repairs, local knowledge, lessons, and demos on the latest kiteboarding gear.Skyway Beach East is a must-visit for those seeking the best kiteboarding experience in Florida.

One key factor that makes Skyway Beach East a premier kiteboarding destination is its favorable wind conditions. The best wind directions for kiteboarding here are from the northeast, east, and southeast. These directions offer the smoothest and most consistent wind.

We do have a complete guide with more details on kitesurfing Skyway Beach. Read the Full Guide here. 

Another highlight is the local kitesurfing community at Skyway Beach East. The area is bustling with passionate kiteboarders who are always ready to share tips, offer support, and make new friends. The local kitesurfing shops provide the latest gear and equipment and host regular events, races, and parties, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.In addition to the excellent kiteboarding conditions,

Skyway Beach East offers a picturesque setting with stunning views of the Skyway Bridge and the surrounding waters. The beach is also a great spot for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. After a kiteboarding session, you can unwind on the beach and get to know the other locals.

Are there more kiteboarding spots near Tampa?

Nestled in Fort De Soto Park, west of Tampa Bay, East Beach is a top destination for kitesurfers looking to escape the bustling crowds. This spot offers vast, shallow flats with an average depth of knee-to-waist-deep water, making it ideal for beginners and advanced riders. The best wind directions for kiteboarding at East Beach are northeast, east, southeast, and south.

Northeast winds are smooth and reliable during winter, while east winds, though sometimes gusty, offer steady conditions for practicing tricks. East Beach also boasts ample space for rigging gear, with grassy areas making for a sand-free setup.

This kitesurfing haven is a serene escape and a vibrant community spot where local kiteboarders are always ready to help. Despite its increasing popularity, especially on weekends and during strong forecasts, East Beach remains one of St. Petersburg's most beautiful and beginner-friendly kiteboarding locations.

Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, located to the northwest of Tampa and St. Petersburg, is a kiteboarding paradise offering pristine conditions that make it a dream spot for enthusiasts. Situated on a small island connected by a long jetty bridge, the area boasts expansive sandy beaches, palm trees, and crystal-clear waters ideal for kiteboarding and wing foiling.

The park is renowned for its flat water, which provides excellent conditions for both freestyle kiteboarding and learning activities like kite foiling and wing surfing.The park's location ensures it receives quality wind from various directions, particularly south and north winds, which are known for their smoothness and consistency. This makes Fred Howard Park suitable for all levels of kiteboarders, whether you're seeking big air or a tranquil ride on the glassy surface. Despite its popularity, access is convenient with ample parking available on the island, although there is a small fee. Launch spots are situated on the north and south sides of the main road leading to the park, accommodating different wind conditions and tidal variations.

Kiteboarding at Fred Howard Park requires some caution due to the tides and potential hazards like seagrass and shells in the water. Kiteboarders are advised to avoid the main beach area, where kiteboarding is prohibited, and instead use the designated smaller beaches for rigging up and launching. Safety precautions, such as maintaining distance from swimmers and beachgoers and respecting the park's regulations, are essential to ensure a positive experience for everyone.Overall, Fred Howard Park stands out as a top-tier kiteboarding destination in Florida, offering unparalleled natural beauty, optimal wind conditions, and a supportive environment for kiteboarders of all skill levels. Whether you're drawn by its scenic landscapes, smooth waters, or challenging wind patterns, this spot promises a memorable kiteboarding experience amid a picturesque setting.

Where can I take kiteboarding lessons in Tampa?

If you're in Tampa and looking to learn kiteboarding, Elite Watersports is your best bet. We teach in the safest and easiest kiteboarding spot near Tampa-Skyway Beach in St Petersburg, Florida. Our expert team of passionate kiteboarders will cater the lessons to your level, ensuring a safe, fun and fast learning experience. With 20 years of kiteboarding experience in Tampa, our team knows everything there is to know about kiteboarding in Tampa Bay. If you have any questions about kiteboarding locations near Tampa, feel free to give us a call. We're here to help you navigate the exciting world of kiteboarding.

Why Elite Watersports?

Elite Watersports is the premiere equipments store and lessons center for all the exciting water activities in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. We provide amazing, fun experience while teaching people to kiteboard, wind wing, wing surfing, and E-foil! We even have a top-of-the-line wake boat to teach wakeboarding and wake surfing, as well as offering private charters. We have changed the location of our store front since the making of this video, now it's even better than before! We still offer all of the best equipment for all of your watersports needs!

If you need help give us a call. .

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