What is E-Foiling?

What is E-Foiling?

What is E-Foiling?

E-Foiling in other words, is electric hydrofoiling that is powered by a large battery. The battery itself is around thirty-five pounds and is made up of little batteries. So what part is electric, is it hard to ride, and how does it work? We will be covering all of these topics in this blog. 


What part of the board is electric?

The board holds the large battery in an airtight sealed compartment. You then attach two data cables from the board to the battery that bring the electricity to the propeller. Compared to other brands Flite Board’s battery compartment is cooled with air and not water. This helps prevent corrosion from the water in the battery compartment. Other brands are similar to jet skis where you will have to flush out the board with fresh water after each session. 

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What is the battery life?

It comes down to how you use the board. If you are primarily riding the board on the water with drag it will take more battery. If you are up and foiling for the majority of the time your battery will last longer. In addition to that, it also depends on the weight of the rider and the size of the board the rider is on. You can roughly average the battery to last at around an hour and a half to just over two hours. Another fun fact about the Flite Boards battery is that it has AI technology within it. Meaning, that the battery will track how often you have to charge it and improve the battery itself to continuously give you the same charge.


Is it easy to ride?

Yes! Anyone can learn how to ride an E-foil and it is especially easier to learn on the Flite Board Air. You can learn how to ride the E-foil with Elite Watersports located in St. Petersburg Florida. Their instructors are trained to teach you how to get up in foiling in the easiest and more enjoyable way. Learning how to ride the E-foil is an experience everyone should have. If you are in the St. Petersburg area looking for an E-foil near you, Elite Watersports is your go to shop. With that being said, taking a lesson with friends and family is a great way to enjoy the Florida sunshine and Tampa Bay. 

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How does the E-Foil work?

 First the battery powers the small propeller that is integrated into the fuselage. You’re probably asking yourself what is the fuselage? It is the rod that connects the front wing, back wing and the mast all together. With the propeller being integrated and above the back wing this gives you more room on the mast. Having more space to foil higher makes it easier to learn how to ride. When the prop is too high up giving you less room it then makes the board nose dive down. This happens because the prop breaches and is now in the air taking away the board's power. Then, when the prop goes back into the water your board goes from nose diving to horse bucking. This all results in a steeper learning curve and less enjoyment when riding. 

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