How Much is a Kitesurfing Setup

How Much is a Kitesurfing Setup

If you are looking to get into kitesurfing, you might be curious to know what it will cost for you to start buying the gear and investing in this hobby so you can enjoy it without a rental fee. Kitesurfing equipment has become more widely available since the 90s thanks to several online retailers. There’s greater competition in the market than ever before and it has evolved considerably including better materials and improved safety features. The best way to learn how to kitesurf is to take some private kitesurfing lessons and try out some of the equipment before you get your hands on it and want to start investing in your own setup. 

How Much is a Kitesurfing Setup

To buy your own kite surfing gear, it’s best to speak to an industry expert who will point you towards reputable brands and certain models based on your kitesurfing skills, weight, and conditions you will be riding in. Many kitesurfing retail shops will have certified second-hand equipment that helps your budget. Be very cautious of online kite equipment sold through third-party seller platforms, as the gear may not be safe or properly taken care of. After all it is your safety at risk. Older gear is guaranteed to need repairs and constant maintenance which is time and money wasted. There is always review content on different models and brands of equipment that will help guide your online research. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the prices for the essential pieces of your kitesurfing kit:

Harness plus a Spreader Bar: $120-500

Control Bar: $200-700

Kite surfboard: $300-1400

Pump: $40-80

Kite: $800-2500

Total cost: $1520-$4860

The price tag on a kite will often factor out to the year of its release, the overall brand, and size. Some of the top brands may sell a kite with a pump but you might have to buy it separately. You will find boards with a variety of sizes and shapes as well as some extras that you can use with your setup. Ask the person helping you which board shape would be best for your conditions and weight. Pro tip: always start out with a large board. It will help you progress faster and it will be your session saver for when the wind dies down. 

How Much is a Kitesurfing Setup

If you’re planning on being out in the wind and in the cold you should also consider items like a wetsuit, gloves, and a hood to keep you warm. Little things like a hood or neoprene beanie can extend your sessions and keep you out for a longer period shredding. A good quality helmet should also be added to the list. This will keep you safe on the water and protect you in the chance you may fall. Another option for protection is an impact vest that you wear under your harness. The impact vest is a padded vest to help increase flotation and protection on your ribs and back. However, this vest should not be mistaken for a coast guard approved life vest.  

Choosing an ideal setup at a minimum can cost you between $1500 - $1800 to get you out on the water. Keep in mind that kite companies are releasing new products almost every year with new tweaks, but choosing a kite that is just a little older by the year will allow you to save money. There are also some package deals with slightly used gear that can save you money and bring down the cost. Finding these types of deals could cut the costs down to around $1300 give or take for your initial setup. If you are interested in getting started in the sport of kitesurfing and want to invest into your own gear then contact us today to make sure that you are properly geared up for success on the water! 

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