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A guide to Coco Plum Marathon.

Everything you need to know kiteboarding here. 

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Kiteboarding Coco Plum Marathon Florida.

Coco Plum Beach in the Florida Keys is a hidden gem for kitesurfing enthusiasts seeking a luxury experience in one of the most scenic destinations in the United States. Located on the island of Marathon, this kitesurfing location offers pristine beaches, clear turquoise waters, and lush tropical vegetation.

This kitesurfing beach is a huge draw for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, with opportunities for kayaking, snorkeling, and checking out the Florida wildlife. With its laid-back Florida Keys vibes and epic scenery, Coco Plum is a dreamy escape for those seeking something a world away from the rest of Florida.

Kitesurfing here is a privilege, and the keys offer some of the best conditions in Florida, but you do need to be in the know. This is a popular beach for vacationers, and we should always give beachgoers the right of way and consider them on the beach.

Sea turtles nest here, and it can be an amazing sight to see. Just follow any rules and avoid areas marked for wildlife. We love kiteboarding in the Keys and this guide will share what you need to know about Coco Pl

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Table Of Content

  • Why you will love kitesurfing Coco Plum Marathon.
  • The best wind directions to kitesurf Coco Plum Florida.
  • What you need to know when kiteboarding here.
  • What to avoid kiting here.

Why Coco Plum is great for kitesurfing, wing surfing, or kite foiling.

Imagine having a kitesurfing beach with relatively deep water right off the shore and smooth, consistent winds. Coco Plum Beach offers just that. It's one of the best spots in the Keys for kite foiling and wing surfing due to the water depth and the absence of barrier protection, resulting in a bit choppier compared to other locations.

The beach is spacious, providing plenty of room for rigging your gear. There is a decent-sized parking lot complete with bathrooms and a rinsing station. This convenience makes spending the entire day at the beach easy, relaxing, and getting plenty of water time.

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The water depth here is a bigger draw for the hydrofoil crowd, so if you're into kitefoiling and wing surfing, this place is a must. If you like to ride a twintip kiteboard, it's still a fantastic spot, but it can be choppier than nearby Anne's Beach or Veterans Park.

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Best Wind Directions for Kiteboarding Coco Plum Marathon Florida.


The best wind directions for kitesurfing at Coco Plum Beach range from east-northeast to the south and southwest. This wide range of workable wind directions is one of the key attractions of this location, making it a reliable spot for wind sports regardless of the prevailing winds.

These are the main wind directions for most Florida keys unless you have boat access. Some beaches further south work with westerly winds, but the launch area can be advanced.

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You will likely get a smooth southwest wind if you visit in the spring. These are the absolute best winds you can experience, and the vibe of kitesurfing with no wetsuit in such forgiving wind is something you have to experience at least once. If you're based in Florida, do yourself a favor and make the drive down at least once in the spring.

If the water has to much chop, we do recomend visiting vets beach nearby. The water is shallower and can be smoother on certain days or wind directions. 

What to expect when kitesurfing at Coco Plum, Marathon, Florida.

Cocoa Plum Dr is a quiet road with mangroves and lush foliage. You'll take it down to the sign for the beach. Upon arriving, you'll see a red brick road and a small cabana with ample parking along the sides. This is a massive plus as parking can be limited in the keys, and public beaches with good kitesurfing are few and far between. There is also a public restroom so it's convenient for changing or after a long drive here.

The beach here is spacious, and launching kites is relatively easy, especially for the Florida Keys, known for their limited space and beach access. Kiteboarding at Coco Plum Beach offers a mix of conditions that cater to different riding styles.

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The deep water close to the shore is ideal for kite foiling and wing surfing, while twin-tip riders will find the choppy conditions a bit more challenging but equally fun. The spacious beach and ample parking make it a comfortable and accessible spot for a day out.

The water depth here ensures smooth take-offs and landings, making it an excellent spot for big air kiteboarding. For those who enjoy freestyle kiteboarding, the conditions at Coco Plum can be ideal, especially when the winds are just right. However, it's essential to be mindful of the tides and the water flow, as these can impact the riding conditions.

What to Avoid When Kitesurfing at Coco Plum Beach.

Be mindful of wildlife and beachgoers here. This is a sea turtle nesting ground, so follow any instructions or signs and avoid the nesting areas. The winter is quiet, and you should have the beach mostly to yourself, but if there are any other visitors, be sure to share the space. This is an amazing kitesurfing beach, and it's also a popular tourist destination.

  • Crowding the Launch Area: While the beach is spacious, keeping the launch area clear and organized is essential. Share the space and ensure enough room for others to safely set up and launch their kites.
  • Strong Currents in Deep Water: The deep water can have currents, so it's crucial to be aware of your surroundings and only kite as far as you are willing to swim back in.
  • Flying Over the Parking Lot: Always keep your kite away from the parking lot and other areas where people might be.
  • Beachgoers: Give the right of way to beachgoers and always be considerate of others on the beach.
  • Beach goers. Give people the right of way.
  • Sharp Objects: The bottom can have shells and other sharp objects, so wearing booties is recommended.

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