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A guide to kitesurfing Anne's Beach.

Everything you need to know kiteboarding here. 

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Kiteboarding Anne's Beach Islamorada Florida.

The Florida Keys are the most scenic kitesurfing luxury destination in the United States. It’’s a place where you can escape the cold, the crowds and kite pristine turquoise waters. The heavy traffic and hustle of Miami fades into one long quiet road.

The further south you drive, the waters progressively get more neon and the vegetation more lush. The soundscape of the city becomes quiet. Sirens are replaced by birds, and car horns with a gentle wind blowing through the palm trees.

Kitesurfing here is a luxury and some of the best Florida has to offer, but you do need to be in the know. Beach access is limited and you need to know what beaches work on certain wind directions. If you have access to a boat, there are lots of secret sandbars that offer perfect kiteboarding in any wind direction.

If you’re driving down to visit, there are a handful of beaches worth visiting depending on the wind. This guide will share everything you need to know about kiteboarding at Anne’s Beach. Hands down, one of my favorite kiteboarding spots in South Florida.

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Table Of Content

  • Why you will love kitesurfing Anne's Beach.
  • The best wind directions to kitesurf Anne's Beach.
  • What you need to know when kiteboarding here.
  • What to avoid kiting here.

Why Anne's Beach  is great for kitesurfing, wing surfing, or kite foiling.

Imagine having your own private flat water kiteboarding spot with shallow water and smooth winds. Now imagine, it’s the middle of February and you’re riding without a wetsuit! Anne’s Beach is a small quiet kitesurfing beach with shallow waters and forgiving conditions. It’s one of the easiest beaches to spend the entire day relaxing and getting lots of water time. There are two parking areas, a scenic boardwalk, and a public restroom.

The main appeal for kitesurfing here is the massive flats area. The shallow water here makes it a paradise for twin-tip kiteboarding. Regardless of what kind of riding you do, Anne’s Beach is a vibe. The flat water makes perfect freestyle kiteboarding conditions. Big Air kiteboarders also love to train in flat water for smooth take-offs and forgiving landings. Be mindful of the tides though.

The ankle to waist-deep waters here are forgiving for beginner kiteboarders and freestyle riders. Big Air kiteboarding is best done in the large deep channel that runs between the two large flats areas. The water here is deep enough for the big falls that come with big air.

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The kitesurfing beach here is scenic and easily accessible via the road. There is a scenic boardwalk along the mangroves and the water's edge. You can find shade and a nice wind shadow to get out of the wind. It is possible to use hydrofoils here too. You can kite foil or wing foil in the deeper waters to the south of the launch area. It’s a short walk or body drag out to the deeper waters.

There are lots of amenities along the road on the way to Anne’s Beach. Islamorada is home to the Florida Keys brewing company and many other good restaurants. You can always find a fun island-vibe restaurant to grab a meal and a beer after your session. Do yourself a favor and explore the town beyond the beach.

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Best Wind Directions for Kiteboarding Anne's beach Islamorada


Kiteboarding at Anne’s Beach Islamorada works best on east winds. One of the appeals to this kitesurfing destination is how many wind directions work here. The prevailing winds during the prime windy season come from the east-northeast here.

If the wind clocks too north here, it’s going to get gusty. It’s shallow enough to get risky and ride on a North but it will be challenging. The good news is, that you can always walk back in if you need to.

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If you’re lucky enough to experience a South wind here it’s something out of this world. South winds are smooth everywhere but the further south you go, the smoother they seem to get. Warm air is less dense so even colder north winds are smooth here. As the wind clocks onshore here, be sure to walk out a good distance to launch.

This spot is close to the parking lot and road. You want to be considerate of the people watching from the shore. If the wind clocks west, you’ll have to drive further south to Horseshoe to find beach access. Southwest winds here work well and can be very fun. These are rare but are more common in the spring. A useful tip to know is that sometimes, the wind might seem light near the shore here. It’s always worth sailing out to the large flats area to see if it gets stronger.

Horseshoe Beach is extremly advanced. You must launch from slipery rocks with deep water and more rocks downwind. Only experts should kite here. 

What to expect when kitesurfing at Anne's Beach Islamorada Florida

Unlike most of the Florida Keys, parking is easy here. There is a small parking lot near the beach and a large overflow lot across the street. You can use the bike path and boardwalk to get to the beach. Kiteboarding at Anne’s Beach is an experience. It has one of the smallest launch and set-up areas in the Keys.

The launch area is a challenge but also a benefit. Less space means this location will never be too crowded. There is a large mangrove that creates a wind shadow. This is nice for setting up out of the wind! You can have quiet conversations or relax like it’s a calm windless beach day

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Once you have your kite set up, drift launching is best. The water here is knee to waist deep and the bottom is a mix of clay, sand, and seagrass. There can be sharp objects so booties are recommended. You’ll find the tide does have an impact on this beach. At high tide, there will be almost no room to launch or land. Likewise, the flow of the water will impact how strong the wind feels here. If the water is moving with the wind, it will feel a touch lighter. If the water is moving against the wind, you will get extra power. Sometimes, one direction will feel stronger than the other.

The riding area is shallow and forgiving, you can kite across the large channel and find endless shallow flat water to yourself. It can get quite shallow during low tide here. For new riders, Anne’s Beach is the perfect place to practice kiteboarding in the Florida Keys. Tearing down your kite can be messy here. With limited space on the beach, you will likely be packing away wet kites. The clay here will also stick to your gear. We recommend rolling your kite up carefully in the parking lot if it’s not crowded.

What to be aware of kitesurfing Anne's Beach

This is a small beach. Make sure to share the space and make room for other kiteboarders. Keep your lines wrapped up and stack your kites when not in use. The beach is so small, it’s best to only have the kite you are using out. The channel is perfect for foiling but be mindful of the currents to the south. It is possible to get swept under the bridge if you go down in deep water and light wind. The bottom is mostly sea grass but there can be sharp objects. Booties are always a good idea.

  • Small launch area.
  • Deep channel with strong currents downwind.
  • Stay 300 feet away from swimmers and kayaks.
  • Never fly your kite over the parking lot.
  • Beach goers. Give people the right of way.
  • Wrap your lines when the kite isn't being used.
  • Shells and sharp objects on the bottom. Wear booties.

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