Can You Wakeboard On a Kiteboard?

Can You Wakeboard On a Kiteboard?

The question of can you wakeboard on a kiteboard and can you kiteboard on a wakeboard is one that many people often ask. The quick answer is definitely yes you can, although there are some differences and compromises that you will have to make for each.

Is Wakeboarding like Kiteboarding?

Wakeboarders and kiteboarders are two in the same breed as they are both after big air and enjoy being out on the water. There are even crossover boards that are designed to use for both wakeboarding and kiteboarding that some people enjoy so they can get comfortable with one board. It would be beneficial and easier to use the same board for each activity and in this article, we will look more into the main differences between the two, some benefits of each of them, and more.

Can You Wakeboard On a Kiteboard?

Differences Between Wakeboards and Kiteboards

The Rocker Line

The first main difference is the rocker line. The rocker line is the bend in the shape of the board and it affects your speed on the water. The more rocker actually reduces the amount of speed you can achieve. A wakeboard has significantly more rocker bend than a kiteboard and when you are using a wakeboard while kiteboarding it feels like you are plowing through the water and you can’t get going like you can on a standard kiteboard.  It is still doable but going into a kiteboarding session with a wakeboard you should know upfront that it is going to be a lot more work and you will feel as if you are pushing water out of the way. Trying the reverse, using a kiteboard for wakeboarding, is also doable but there are some compromises you will have to make as well. The less rocker means it will be harder to ollie than when you are trying on a flat board. A kiteboard is also going to feel too fast while being pulled wakeboarding and feels smaller and weaker under your feet.

Thickness and Weight 

This brings us to the next point addressing if you can wakeboard on a kiteboard and the differences you will notice. A wakeboard is significantly thicker and heavier. If wakeboarding on a kiteboard, you will notice these differences as a kiteboard is generally made out of carbon which is a lighter material than wakeboards which are virtually indestructible compared to a lightweight carbon kiteboard. That makes it less than ideal for hitting rails or ramps just due to the brittleness and stiffness of carbon boards in general.  

Can You Wakeboard On a Kiteboard?

Deeper Channels

Kiteboards are designed with deeper channels on the bottom of the board that makes them ideal for picking up speed when edging against the wind to drive the kite forward so you can do bigger jumps and go upwind easier. This is ok for wakeboarding but while you are going after the features of a cable park it is not the best to have these deep channels so you don’t catch on a rail. A big and flat board like a traditional wakeboard makes it more comfortable and easier for spinning around and having smooth rail rides.  

Wakeboard and Kiteboard Sizes 

Lastly, the general direction that people are going more and more with wakeboards is in the bigger direction. It seems that wakeboards keep getting bigger and bigger whereas a kiteboard is smaller that makes it easier to hold down more power for bigger air and you don’t need a large surface area. Kiteboards are generally only four to six pounds while wakeboards are seven to eight and kiteboards starting range is at 135 centimeters where wakeboards are 160 centimeters. 

Can You Wakeboard On a Kiteboard?

Crossover Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding Boards

If you are looking for a crossover board that can be used for both wakeboarding and kiteboarding then there are some things to look for. It is also important to look for a happy medium in between the two that have features needed for both sports but don’t have many features that will impede the other. The first is having inverted channels on the bottom of the board that are on the outside so it won’t catch on wakeboarding rails but still will provide extra speed that a kiteboard does. Also look for one with a minimal rocker that is less than a regular wakeboard to allow for speed while kiteboarding but still flat enough for wakeboarding. Some people like to use these crossover boards to really get dialed in on one board that helps their performance in both sports.

So to answer the question again if you can you wakeboard on a kiteboard you can for sure. Many people like to find a good crossover board as long as the compromise isn't too great for the speed you can get on the water. The main issue that people have using a wakeboard as a kiteboard is that they will not be able to generate enough speed but if you can find a board that does it is a good way to have one board you can master for both sports. The north focus with flare boots and the pulse kite is the perfect set up if you are looking for wake style riding.

If you are looking to purchase a wakeboard or kiteboard then contact us today or come into our shop and speak with a Team Rider who will help you get exactly what you are looking for! 

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