Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jetski?

Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jetski?

Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jetski?

Yes! It is actually easier to learn how to wakeboard behind a jetski than a boat. 

When learning how to get up on the wakeboard it will take a few tries to get the feeling of the pull from the boat and getting up on the board. With a boat it takes time to turn around to get back to the rider. If you are behind a jetski it is easier to get back to the rider giving the rider more opportunities to get up. We will be covering how to learn wakeboarding behind a jetski, legalities, and what you need.

Can you wakeboard behind a jetski | Elite Watersports

Jetski Wakeboarding Safety Tips

Personal Water Craft Laws

First, each state has different laws for Personal Water Crafts or (PWC’s). We suggest before going out and learning how to wakeboard behind a ski to check your state's laws.

Designated Areas

There are also designated areas for “recreational activities' ' such as wakeboarding. You might be asking yourself what is the difference in a recreational area? Designated recreational areas are to notify other boaters that this is an area where this activity is happening. If you see a sign that designates this area this also means that it is a safe area for this activity to happen. There is enough clearance for other boats to pass by and that there are no rock structures or oysters. However, this could be different for individual states so always check your states laws on recreational areas and laws with PWC’s. 

What You Need to Wakeboard Behind a Jetski

Choose the Right Size Jetski

What do you need to learn how to wakeboard behind a jetski? First, you need a jetski that has the capability to pull someone up and out of the water. This does not mean that you need to have a specific wakeboard jet ski, but something that has enough power. You can gauge this by the amount of people the ski is for. We recommend at least a two person ski but a three person would be better. The jetski you are using does need to have a tow pole to attach the rope to. Your ski must have mirrors for the driver to keep a watch on their rider and other boaters. Some states also require the ski to have mirrors and to have an additional person on the ski to be the spotter. However, the one law that all states have is that everyone must be wearing a Coast Guard Approved life jacket. 

Choose the Right Size Wakeboard

What size beginner wakeboard do I need? We recommend a size around 139cm. If you go any smaller it is harder to learn how to get up and could take longer to learn how. The size of the board also depends on how much the rider weighs and if you will have multiple people using the board. If you will be sharing the board we recommend the 139cm size and boots that fit a range of sized feet. Once you have the proper jetski, life jacket, a tow rope and your board it’s time to hit the water!

Can you wakeboard behind a jetski | Elite Watersports

Learning how to Wakeboard Behind a Jetski

First thing first is that your rider is strapped into the board, life jacket on and in the water. Next, throw the rope out to them away from the jetski and pull forward so that the ski does not suck up the rope. Here are some tips for the rider:

  • Before the jet ski pulls you, dig your heels in the water and be in the squatting position
  • When the ski is pulling you up use the tension of the rope to pull yourself up while 
  • When you get up, turn your board to your dominant foot 

Generally, if you are falling right as you are standing up that means that you need to turn your board to your dominant side sooner.

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