5 Tricks For Intermediate Kiteboarder's

5 Tricks For Intermediate Kiteboarder's

Now that you have gotten your feet wet enough to be self-sufficient and have mastered a handful of techniques, here's what is next. You’re a rider who’s had experience changing directions on the board upwind and downwind and you have even been able to master jumping. Once you're at this level you should be in a good position to start attempting some freestyle tricks. This sounds intimidating but after learning these basics and mastering the jumping technique. With that being said, you will find that most of these five tricks for Intermediate kiteboarders will be doable for you.

1) The Back Roll or Loop

5 Tricks For Intermediate Kiteboarders

This is one of the easiest tricks out of the 5 tricks for intermediate kiteboarders. The only necessary skills for this trick are being able to do a simple jump and to be comfortable looping your kite. Essentially, this is a 360 jump but comes naturally to most kiteboarders.

Step 1: Edge upwind while picking up speed.

Step 2: Think about completing half of the rotation before leaving the water and then push down hard on your heels and lean back and pop up to get up into the air.

Step 3: Once you’re in the air, bring your heels close to your butt and keep rotating, turning outward over your front shoulder, especially with your head towards the landing direction. Your body will follow your head rotation for landing.


2) The Front Loop or Roll

5 Tricks For Intermediate Kiteboarders

After learning the back roll, the front roll is the most logical next trick to learn.  It may seem like you just do the opposite of what you do in the back roll but there are some intricacies to completing it. The front loop is essentially a reverse 360, which is not as easy as a 360 where you turn in the natural direction. If you have ever attempted a reverse 360 off of a jump you will realize it is a bit unnatural. 

Step 1: Just like the back roll, you’re going to want to edge upwind while picking up speed.

Step 2: While beginning your rotation on the water, turn your head backwards over your back shoulder to start your rotation.

Step 3: Pop your front leg up and extend your back leg and then bring your feet up to your butt and keep rotating until extending both legs into your landing.

3) The Nuclear Grab

    5 Tricks For Intermediate Kiteboarders

    This trick is another basic one out of these 5 tricks for intermediate kiteboarders. In this trick, you are going to pop off of the water into the air and grab the front of your board with your backhand. You are going to want to master the pop off the water with this trick.

    Step 1: Build up speed coming into the trick and dig your heels in like you are trying to stop and then pop.

    Step 2: Before takeoff, turn your shoulders toward the front of the board facing forward and take your backhand off the board while putting your front hand to the middle.

    Step 3: In order to execute the grab, bend your front leg and keep leaning forward and then grab the nose of the board with your backhand.

    Step 4: Extend the back of your board as high as you can above your waist that brings your body almost horizontal.

    Step 5: Look for a landing zone and let go of the board while getting into an upright position for a smooth landing.

    4) The Raley


      5 Tricks For Intermediate Kiteboarders

      For many kiteboarders, the Raley will be the first unhooked trick that they learn. This is an essential trick to learn for all other unhooked tricks. A raley is a full extension move where your body is fully extended with your feet being sent behind your head in a full Superman position. 

      Step 1: Maintain heelside pressure and edge away from the kite keeping your legs bent. Drop your butt low to the water and commit to the trick soon after unhooking.  

      Step 2: Push off your back with your back foot to come off of the water and extend your body as you go into the air.

      Step 3: When you’re at the peak of your height, bring your feet under your body.

      Step 4: Keep your core tight and bring your feet back down towards the water to keep your weight back and bend your knees while landing on your back foot.

      5) The S-Bend

        5 Tricks For Intermediate Kiteboarders

        This trick starts out as a front roll but you will perform this trick unhooked.  Build up speed and get a good pop to start this trick off.  Your body rotation will be in the horizontal position in this trick and is similar to the Raley besides that.  

        Step 1: Come into the trick thinking you are going to start rotating.  Bring your shoulders to face forward and bend your front leg while extending your back leg.  

        Step 2: Your upper body will initiate the rotation and your lower body will be facing forward.

        Step 3: As you go horizontal your lower body will follow and your legs will extend while you continue the rotation.

        Step 4: Look for your landing zone and pull the bar with your lead hand into the landing. 

        If you would like assistance learning how to kiteboard and learning how to master these tricks with a professional contact us today to set up an advanced kiteboarding lesson.

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