Isaiah Bobotas

Team Rider Profile

Being a snowboarder and skater from Pennsylvania Isaiah has always had interest in board sports. He started riding in 2015 in LBI New Jersey following his uncle around and immediately took to mother nature and the ocean!

Isaiah rides North gear with a Nobile board so if you have any questions about North gear feel free to talk with him at the beach!

Riding Style

  • Riding Disciplines and Interests: Kiting is really cool in the endless ways it allows you to express your own unique style.The main thing is FREEDOM for me...Free Riding is my favorite because you can accesspuddles in ponds via twintip and foilboard in the ocean otherwise only accessible by wadingthrough ankle deep sandy waters. I would also like to expand my skills on a directional boardand catching waves.

Favorite Places to Kite

A kiter looks for a couple things for picking a spot out. Either butter flat water or some tasty waves to either surf or use as a kicker. Some of the spots I will list below offer a mixture of both from the same launch area or just a short walk across the island to another launch.

Fred Howard Park Tarpon Springs, Florida FHP is my home spot and the closest to where I live. It also offers some of the best flat water riding in Florida with a unique updraft created by a causeway that goes out to the park.

25th Street Long Beach Island, New Jersey25th st is where I took my kite lessons and caught the bug for kiting. It also offers world class butter flat slicks like the Outer Banks but without the kiting crowds that OBX tends to get. A short walk from bay to ocean side and you have awesome waves to shred up!

Ft Pierce South Jetty Fort Pierce, Florida This is a spot I've recently visited for the first time on the east coast of Florida. This spot offers a nice mix of flat water on the flat water on the leeward side of the jetty and super fun kickers on the outside deeper into the Atlantic. This is also one of a few spots I frequent that offers a few bars and hotels right next to the launch area. Its makes for a good weekend trip with a girlfriend or friends.

Photos by Nick Mandalou

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