Ozone Edge V9 15m black (used)#1

by Ozone
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SKU 210000011421

This kite is still in great shape. It has a few repairs done to it but only small pinholes that have been professionally repaired. COMES WITH BAG. Very lightly used kite in near perfect condition for years to come. Sure maybe a couple stains but literally plug and play ready to go. 

The V9 Edge has had changes made to both its profile and bridling structure. Both of these are to increase the speed, agility and all round performance of the kite. A new strut shape featuring a continuous curve ensures perfect tension on the canopy at all points. This reduces any ‘bounce’ previously felt through the bar.

The pulley-less bridle has been on a diet and slimmed down by an incredible 50% with the new Kevlar Lines resulting in less drag, which equates to increased acceleration and range.
Ozone uses the very high-quality Teijin TechnoForce D2 and Dacron in all their models, which provides fantastic strength through the canopy. There are reinforcement and scuff pads where needed, but this has been stripped to the minimum to again reduce weight.

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