2021 North Nova Wing

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2021 North Nova Wing

Maximum performance, minimum effort. This balanced and reactive wing generates more forward drive and upwind performance than anything you’ve ever ridden. At the heart of the Nova design is a super-stiff geometry for power and efficiency, enabling instant take-offs and a massive wind range. Load up. Jump higher. Ride longer. Put simply, the Nova is the pinnacle of wing design.

2021 Design

-GeoStrut controlled curvature exoskeleton reduces deflection

-Radial Panel Cuts distribute load without deformation

-XLT-Joint - rigid, strong and light large diameter connection

-GripLock ergonomic handles and Y-handle

-LiteVision XS skylite panels On and off water performance

Wind Range:

Size: 2.9m, 3.5m, 4.2m, 5m, 6m

Knots: 22-40, 18-36, 14-32, 10-26, 8-20

Color: black/sea green

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