Windsurfing Tampa bay Florida

Windsurfing Tampa bay Florida


Windsurfing Tampa bay Florida

Are you looking for some incredible lessons to master windsurfing? We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and necessary skills to enhance your experience over the water. Windsurfing is a recreational sport that is a combination of surfing and sailing, also known as “boardsailing” and “sailboarding” and is practiced on the surface of the water. Windsurfing is very similar to kiteboarding as it is practiced on the surface of the water using a long narrow board with a sail on it and its power source is the wind that keeps it moving across the water. 

Steps in Windsurfing Lessons 

In this course, you will learn the step-by-step windsurfing instructions to help oneself stand upright on the surfing board and to teach the skill needed to stay afloat on water.

Learn to Place The Board 

We will teach you to place the board inside the water rightly, and it is deep enough that only its fin is visible out of the water. As windsurfing is similar to sailing, you need a good sense of wind direction and decide accordingly where you need to move. 

The board should be placed at the right angle to the wind while the sail is making a T-position with the downward board.

Maintaining stability 

Maintaining stability is most important while windsurfing, walk or swim on the upwind side. Without pulling the sail, hold up the halt while you are sitting on your knees. Now stand on your feet laggardly, maintaining the balance. You can also move back and forth on your feet to get a feel for it.

Pulling the sail

The next step is to pull the sail while keeping your body and back upright to avoid a lower backache. Now pull the sail up from the water with the uphaul with your hand while turning your shoulder until the mast is in reach. 

Pull the sail to the point where it is just touching the water.

Taking hold of the mast 

Now that you have learned to pull the sail to the point where it is still in contact with water, now take hold of the mast and take control before the wind power takes control of everything. 

When you hold the mast with both your hands and let it swing, this position is called the safety or control position, and when the mast is in your front hand, make sure that your feet move back and forth on the board; otherwise, you might end up falling in the water.

Practicing steering

As now you have mastered the critical aspects of windsurfing Now start steering with the mast straight up, tilt the mast left, and put all your body weight onto the board to make it turn clockwise. 

In case of fast winds, the board turns faster than during a stiff breeze.

Sail Freely

As now you have mastered the skill to float on the surface of the water and learned how to windsurf, now enjoy the freedom and float freely on the surface of the water. Now you can sail away!

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