Hydrofoil e-bike

Manta 5 E-Bike

The world’s first water bike that replicates the cycling experience on water.

Cutting Edge technology

Using the same technology as America’s Cup sailboats this Hydrofoil eBike opens up a whole new cycling frontier. Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, riders can explore ocean coastlines, train along waterways, or cruise lakeside with friends and family.

Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels

Riders can explore ocean coastlines, train along waterways, or cruise lakeside with friends and family.

- Variable pedal assist can be dialed up or down to fit your needs.

- Top speed of up to 12 mph/ 22 kph (similar to Olympic single scull rowers).

- Modular design for quick assembly and transport to and from the water.

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4 Hour ride time

The Hydrofoiler XE-1 has seven levels of electric assistance that can be changed as you ride.Dial the electric assistance down and put in more of your own power to increase the duration of your ride. A heavy rider can get ~4 hours of ride time on low assistance. The harder you work, the further you can go.

Is it hard?

Mastering the Hydrofoiler is like learning to ride a bike all over again. It might take a few attempts, but once you get the hang of it, it’s the most fun you can have on water. Hone your balance, drift into turns and carve your way around the coast.

Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and body types. If you can ride a bike and swim, you can ride the Hydrofoiler.

Take cycling to the water

Track Your Ride With The Garmin Watch 

Ride time
Heart Rate
Battery charge level
Electric assist level* More features to come

Yes You Can

It will take a few tries to get the hang of it. Don't let that discourage you from thinking that this is not possible. This is what our instructors are here for. They will help you learn how to use the bike and get you riding in no time.

Bike Details

Charging time for batteries is 4 hours

Waterproof E-Bike
- if you are in salt water it is recommended to rinse the bike off after each session

Carbon Fiber Hydrofoils
- creates lift needed to do water starts

Tiller Section
- remains in a neutral position while submerged launching 
- reacts quickly to cut through chop and ride over swells

-custom 4 blade minimizing drag at top speed 

How fast can you go?

Top speed of 12mph (similar to Olympic single scull rowers)

Front Tiller pivots automatically to adjust ride height to suit different water conditions 

"The goal was always to stay true to an authentic cycling experience, but when it comes to the physics, the Hydrofoiler is more an aeroplane than a bike. Just like designing a plane, the team had to understand and design for the subtle relationship between rider ‘payload’ weight vs lift from the hydrofoil ‘wings’. "

What our customers think


This thing is hilariously AWESOME. I had Evan teach me how to ride and after numerous falls and fails, I got up riding a bike around on the water. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced. You will fall, you will get flustered, but you will have fun. The Manta 5 is a full workout and once you're up on the water, it rides super smooth. Pedal hard!


The Manta 5 is my new favorite way to get out on the water. It requires minimal set-up and will give you a great workout. The bikes were super fun once you got up on the foils and were using the battery assist to go for a ride. The few things I absolutely love about the manta is the feeling of just sitting down and gliding over the water, the ability to explore back-country waterways and canals and see amazing life but also the ability to turn it into your daily exercise by either raising or lowering the level of assist. The Manta 5 is truly an amazing product for the cyclists, water lovers and everyone else. 


This bike is by far the best way to exercise while enjoying the water. However I highly recommend doing it with an instructor. There are multiple ways you can start riding the bike so finding the best technique that suits you is key. Once you get up and going it is an indescribable feeling of peddling  on the water. This is perfect to do with another friend or family member instead of doing the traditional water toys.

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