Elite Team Riders

The Elite Watersports team riders have been hand selected by owners Aaron and Vanessa McClearnon for each of the individual attributes they offer to the St. Pete kiteboarding community. You’ve seen them on the water, you’ve watched them absolutely shred it, and you’ve more than likely shared some memories with these local riders. These kiteboarders are full of passion, loyalty, and style. Our team riders come from different parts of the world but here at Elite we all believe the same motto.    
                                                                                                                            "Teamwork makes the dream work"!

Let’s take a closer look at our ever-growing family of Elite Team Riders: 

Melanie Cornish

From: Tarpon Springs, Florida
Favorite Trick: Inverted backroll kite loop stalefish
Started Kiting: 2009

Max Upchurch

From: Indianapolis, Indiana
Favorite Trick: Backroll megaloop
Started Riding: 2010

Ben Sampson

From: Ninety Six, South Carolina
Favorite Trick: Foot out frontroll heli-loop
Started Riding: 2017

Kennedy Murrian

From: St Petersburg, Florida
Favorite Trick: Strapless hand plant backroll
Started Riding: 2016

Isiah Bobotas

From: Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Favorite Trick: Frontroll kite loop
Started Riding: 2015

Justin Chait

From: Naples, Florida
Favorite Trick: S-bend to blind
Started Riding: 2006

Bryce Dean

From: Belcamp, Maryland
Favorite Trick: Darkslide
Started Riding: 2018

Luke Roman

From: Poland
Favorite Trick: Air reverse
Started Riding: 2013

Seth Kraus

From: Mankato, Minnesota
Favorite Trick: Double backroll board off
Started Riding: 2017

Katrina Kraus 

From: Salt Lake City, Utah
Favorite Trick: Frontroll transition 
Started Riding: 2017

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