Windy weekend ahead of us. Get ready for Sunday and it’s fast switching wind direction. - Elite Watersports

Windy weekend ahead of us. Get ready for Sunday and it’s fast switching wind direction.

Egmont-Fort Desoto wind

Saturday morning windy-Sunday ALL day 11/18-19/2017

This whole week has been super strong in the morning from 7am-11am and with some surprise afternoon sea breezes. If you haven’t taken advantage of those days well your in luck because the wind will be good for you this weekend. Saturday morning, the forecast doesn’t look amazing but the thermals that come across the bay have been awesome and more than expected. So don’t get stuck in bed looking at the meters, give it a go and worst comes to worst do a equipment check for Sunday. Sunday will be starting off lighter with a fill in around noon, to be expected is the normal traditional west winds to pack more of a punch so don’t leave your small kites and boards at home. Number one rule in kiteboarding is bring what you have. ALWAYS! Get ready for when the front line finally hits a quick shift of winds from west to NW along with some spotty darkening clouds. Be careful with situational awareness, always looking upwind while riding to see changing patterns in the atmoshere. If you see you’re the only one riding and all the pros are pumping up small kites you need to put your kite down.

When caught in heavy winds, don’t go flying back to the beach for a rescue landing, assess the situation. Many times its safer to seek waist deep water away from the beach, flag or land your kite in the water and then walk in like a pro. 

For any further assistance on detailed forecasting, optimal beach locations and more. Please call the shop @ St Pete 727-800-2202 or Tarpon 727 -318-0391

Saturday November 18 weather
Sunday November 19 weather
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