North is here! Check out all the 2020 products. - Elite Watersports

North is here! Check out all the 2020 products.

NORTH KITEBOARDING North is for the seekers.

Join us.

Ride the gear inspired by nature and approved by North Athletes. 

ocean with kites flying


The people shaping North's brand are first and foremost a team of riders. What absolutely unites them is a desire for a more intuitive, more natural and more powerful experience between water, wind and sky.


ORBIT​ Freeride / Big Air Kite

Power, hang-time and drive with effortless steering and upwind performance.

ORBIT​ Freeride teal kite

Fast, responsive steering, unhooked performance and dynamic freestyle progression.

PULSE​ Freestyle red kite

CARVE​ Wave / Strapless

Freestyle Kite Instant drift with a flick of the wrist.

CARVE​ Wave yellow kite

NAVIGATOR​ Control System
Think less, feel more, single-action reload.

NAVIGATOR​ Control System



PRIME​ Freeride TwinTip
Early planing, chop killer, with balanced rocker, outline and flex with pulled in tips. Jump and boost in full control.

PRIME​ Freeride TwinTip boards

ATMOS​ Hybrid Series Freeride / Big Air TwinTip
Playful, all terrain progression, excessive boosting, looping and soft landings, controlled carving and powerful upwind.

ATMOS​ Hybrid Series Freeride board

ATMOS​ Carbon Series Performance Freeride / Big Air TwinTip
Balanced torsional stiffness and dynamic flex, powerful upwind, edge control, rapid response and explosive pop.

ATMOS​ Carbon Series Performance Freeride kiteboard

FOCUS​ Hybrid Series Freestyle / Wakestyle TwinTip
Ultimate pop, explosive release, easy carving, greater traction, and butter soft tips for lower impact.

FOCUS​ Hybrid Series Freestyle kiteboard

FOCUS​ Carbon Series Performance Freestyle / Wakestyle TwinTip
Precision flex and response, ultimate pop, explosive release, controlled takeoffs and softer landings.

FOCUS​ Carbon Series Performance Freestyle kiteboard

FLARE​ Wakestyle / Park TwinTip
P-Tex grind base, park durability, controlled tip flex and adjustable stance width.

FLARE​ Wakestyle kiteboard


CROSS​ Freeride Surfboard
It carves, it jumps, it pops. Instant drive, effortless upwind speed and powerful pop for freestyle tricks.

CROSS​ Freeride Surfboard

COMP​ Strapless Freestyle Surfboard
Fast and responsive, blends the line between surf-style carving and skate-style strapless riding.
CHARGE​ Performance Surfboard

Fast dedicated surf shape, smooth turning and projection for powerful vertical attack down the line.


SENSE​ Freeride Foil Board
Roll to ride water starts, direct and responsive feeling, TwinTip-style, durable and easy traveling.


SENSE​ Freeride Foil Board

SCOOP​ Performance Foil Board
Precision glide and dedicated kitefoiling with a lightweight EPS core.

SCOOP​ Performance Foil Board

CHASE​ Foil / Surf / Kite Board
3-in-1 high-performance travel companion, kitesurf, kitefoil and prone foilsurf board for every condition.

CHASE​ Foil / Surf / Kite Board

SONAR​ Freeride Edition Foil
Modular 850 Wing and 85cm Mast. Easy-planing, well-balanced smooth performance at any speed. Holds lift through slow speed gybes and tacks without stalling, and allows recovery from surface-breaching.

SONAR​ Freeride Edition Foil

SONAR​ Surf Edition Foil
Modular Large 1650 Wing with 70cm Mast. Carve in the surf, pump and connect waves. Stable efficient platform with very low drag. Real crossover from KiteFoil to prone FoilSurf, SUPFoil, WakeFoil and TowFoil Surf for all rider weights.

Ride to the conditions - fully interchangeable carbon SONAR WINGS (850, 1150, 1650cm) and anodized aircraft grade aluminium SONAR MASTS (40, 70, 85cm).

SONAR​ Surf Edition Foil

FLEX​ TwinTip Bindings
Comfortable soft KnitFlex inners and Triple-density rubberized EVA footbeds, locked-in feel and solid support for all foot sizes.
FIX​ Wake Boots

Feather-light, low-cut, easy one-handed entry and exit, shock absorbing, direct feel and maximum comfort KnitFlex lining. Customize with colored velcro straps.

FIX​ Wake Boots

FREE ​Surf Strap Set
Lightweight KnitFlex memory foam with customized fit and stance for instant planing in full comfort.

FREE ​Surf Strap Set


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