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2020 Naish KL Pro Review and Closeout Price

 2020 Naish KL Pro


     Where do we start? Kevin Langree is one of the most amazing riders out there. His talent has been translated in to this board. He was seeking the smallest board with a stiff flex and wide profile. That's why the 131 is so wide. Extra attention to the larger custom made fins for even more grip. Most riders of 170 and up would never ride a board this small. But with the extra stiff and wide profile they can now. This board is truly made for the rider seeking a big air board. A board that is designed strictly for that. 
Take your riding to the next level and focus on big air.

My thoughts on the board. It's a bit stiffer than most. The ride quality is pretty darn nice. Zero spray on the face with the square outline. Expect the board to be a bit heavier. Remember it's made for big air... you can't get big air on a flexy board. A flexy board is lighter because it has less material. Someone who is interested in this board will have to sacrifice that. The landings are going to be naturally softer on the knees because of the channeling and smaller foot print. This makes up for the extra stiffness. Is this going to be your go to board? Sure... if you want the most line tension you can receive for the biggest load and pop of your life.

In addition, if you have been looking for bindings that cover sizes 9-15 look no further! With the new Naish Apex bindings this board is perfect for anyone and everyone who is looking to get some big air.

man holding Naish kiteboard
foot straps on Naish kiteboard
Naish kiteboard


Naish KL Pro Kiteboard


BUY NOW! for only 649.00 Complete

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