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New vs Used kites?

How to choose the right kiteboarding gear.

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New kiteboarding kite vs Used. 

Is it better to buy new or used kiteboarding equipment?

Deciding between new and used kites can be challenging if you are getting into kiteboarding. There are a lot of differing opinions online, and there are great points regardless of which camp you fall in. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

There is a trend online pushing for used gear; some of it makes sense, and some not so much. In this article, we'll share the pros and cons of buying new or used kiteboarding gear and the right way to do it to help you make an informed choice.

Essential kiteboarding gear to get started 

  • Kiteboarding kite 
  • Kiteboarding control bar 
  • Kiteboard 
  • kiteboard Foot straps 
  • Kiteboarding pump
  • Kiteboarding Harness 
  • Kiteboarding wetsuit 

You can always find good deals on new kites, but if you decide that used is your only option, buy used kites less than 5 years old from a reputable source, like a shop, for safety and longevity.

Used gear should always be inspected in and out and priced accordingly. A kiteboarding shop is not only knowledgeable about what to look for but will also do all this leg work for you! In this blog, we'll share our best tips on inspecting gear and deciding for yourself as well

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Table Of Content

  • Should I buy a new kiteboarding kite?
  • Should I buy a used kiteboarding kite?
  • How do I inspect used kiteboarding gear.
  • How do I buy a used kiteboarding Bar?
  • How do I buy a used kiteboarding kite?
  • Is it bad to buy used kiteboarding kites?
  • How do I find deals on kiteboarding equipment?

Should I buy a new kiteboarding kite?

Pros and cons of buying a new kiteboarding kite.

There are many pros to buying a new kite and a few cons beyond the price. You are getting a warranty and a guarantee that you'll be on the latest gear and the longest life from your gear.

Some people make the case that you will beat your gear up in the first year, but this is untrue. If you take a kiteboarding lesson and use their gear, you shouldn't worry about putting too much wear on your own kites. Kiteboarding equipment is built to last, and it's not a realistic point of concern.

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Longevity: New kites offer maximum lifespan and typically come with warranties, providing a sense of security and peace of mind.

Latest Tech: Purchasing a new kite ensures you benefit from the most recent advancements in kiteboarding technology. This includes improvements in lightweight fabrics and designs that enhance performance in light winds and foiling.

Technology like the Alulla fabric, Airush hóokipa, or North's N-Weave significantly increases the performance and longevity of gear. That said, a new kiteboarder might not appreciate the added performance in their first year just figuring things out. For big kites like 15 meters and up, everyone will reap the maximum benefit from specialty materials.

Cons: The primary downside of new kites is their cost. The latest materials and technology can make them quite expensive, which may be prohibitive for some. The good news is that standard Dacron kites are affordable and are an industry standard. We use them regularly, and they are a staple in our kiteboarding school. Consider standard construction as the norm and specialty material as an amazing but unnecessary upgrade.

Should I buy a used kiteboarding kite?

Pros and cons of buying a used kiteboarding kite.

With kiteboarding having so many years of development, buying gear that is less than 4 years old is a good bet. However, you do have to do your due diligence to get it right. Some models are not suitable for beginner kiteboarders, and some kites are treated better than others.

If you buy a used kite that was not properly cared for, its performance lifespan will be significantly reduced. Likewise, if you purchase a freestyle-specific kite, you might have difficulty riding upwind or relaunching it. Some models are designed for advanced riding; sometimes, people selling their gear lack the beginner perspective and forget that it takes a few weeks to months for someone to master an advanced nitch kite.

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Affordability: One of the most significant advantages of buying used kites is the cost savings. Used kites are cheaper than new ones, making them a relief for many enthusiasts.Suitability for Beginners: While new riders often think they need brand-new gear to start, used gear can also be suitable. However, new kites can be more beneficial for beginners to avoid misusing and damaging the equipment.

Cons: Older gear can pose safety and trust concerns. To balance performance and safety, it's essential to inspect used kites carefully and stick to those that are less than five years old.

Cost Savings: Used gear offers substantial savings, making kiteboarding more accessible.Availability: The market for used equipment is vast, providing numerous options for finding gear matching your skill level and style.

Certified Programs: At Elite Water Sports, we offer a certified program for used gear with a 30-day warranty, ensuring confidence in your purchase.

How do I inspect used kiteboarding gear?

Inspection is critical to ensure you are getting safe quality equipment. This can be a challenge if you don't know what to look for, but we've got your back. Use this guide to inspect kiteboarding gear used like a pro.

How do I buy a used kiteboarding bar?

  • Check the Ends of the Lines: Look for wear where the pigtails meet the lines. These areas often show signs of wear due to constant flexing.
  • Inspect for Abrasions, Cuts, or Knots: Run your fingers along the lines to detect any damage. Replace any lines with noticeable wear or knots. A knot that is not from the manufacturer can reduce line life length by up to 90%!
  • Examine Wear Points: Focus on the bungee cords, the trim area, and the safety line bracket. These parts are replaceable but should be factored into the price. The way a centerline looks can tell a lot about the life left in a bar. It might be okay if it's ragged and torn, but it's best to replace the center line.
  • Test the Quick Release: Ensure the eject mechanism works smoothly and engages correctly. Clean out any sand or debris that might cause it to malfunction.
  • Assess Overall Condition: If the bar looks worn and faded, it may be nearing the end of its life. Factor in the remaining lifespan when negotiating the price.
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How do I buy a used kiteboarding kite?

  • Pump Up the Kite: Fully inflate the kite to check for leaks and inspect its structure.
  • Inspect the Leading Edge: Look for scratches, tears, or exposed bladder material. Damage here is difficult and costly to repair.
  • Examine Wear Points: Focus on the bungee cords, the trim area, and the safety line bracket. These parts are replaceable but should be factored into the price. The way a centerline looks can tell a lot about the life left in a bar. It might be okay if it's ragged and torn, but it's best to replace the center line.
  • Check the canopy: Hold the kite in the sunlight to spot any tears or repairs. Examine the stitching and material condition. How faded the canopy is may or may not be a good indicator. If the kite is located somewhere sunny, a faded color is inevitable. If you live somewhere with little sunshine, it means the kite has had some serious use. A better metric is how crip the fabric feels. A dull, soft, wrinkled kite likely has had a lot of use.
  • Evaluate the Trailing Edge: This area is prone to wear and tear. Look for fabric deterioration and wear points.
  • Assess the Bridal System: Check for wear on the lines and pulleys. Ensure all components are in good condition and replace any worn pigtails. Make sure the pulleys are moving freely and not binding up

Used Kiteboarding kite Bladder and Inflation System Inspection

  • Inspect the Bladders: Look at the valves and tubes for signs of deterioration, such as stickiness or brittleness.
  • Ask About Storage: Find out how the kite was stored. Prolonged exposure to heat can weaken the bladders and valves, leading to potential failures.

Is it bad to buy used kiteboarding kites?

Common Pitfalls of buying a used kite and How to Avoid Them

  • Overpaying for Worn Gear: Be realistic about the remaining lifespan of the gear and negotiate accordingly.
  • Ignoring Minor Repairs: Small issues like pinholes can be easily fixed, but more extensive repairs should be done professionally.
  • Buying Without Inspection: Always inspect the gear in person if possible. If buying online, ask for detailed photos and a thorough description

Kiteboarding closeout deals: Finding the middle ground.

Consider closeout deals for the best of both worlds. These offer new kites at reduced prices, providing you with the latest technology and longevity without breaking the bank.

Check with the shop to see what kites they might have overstocked from last season. Another great option is picking up something the shop used as a demo kite. It's a safe bet, as the gear will be well cared for.

How do I find deals on used kiteboarding gear?

Whether you opt for new or used kites, it's crucial to align your choice with your specific needs. For high-intensity kiteboarding, newer gear is a safe bet, while well-maintained used kites can be a cost-effective solution for general use. Knowing your requirements is the key to making the right decision.


At Elite Water Sports, we take pride in our certified used gear, which is meticulously inspected to meet high standards. This commitment to quality ensures your peace of mind with every purchase. Remember, kiteboarding should be a fun and safe experience, so invest the time to thoroughly inspect your gear before hitting the waves. Happy kiteboarding!

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Need help buying your first kiteboarding kite? 

The expert team at Elite Watersports is here to serve. If you have any kiteboarding related questions call us. We can build custom kiteboarding packages, book kiteboarding lessons or simply offer helpful advice. We're your one stop shop for kiteboarding knowledge.

If you need help deciding on your first kiteboarding kite give Elite Watersports a call. We're happy to set you up with your first kiteboarding kite.



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