Ride Engine Elite Carbon V7 Harness

Ride Engine Elite Carbon V7 Harness

Everything you need to know about the Ride Engine V7 Elite Carbon Harness

Ride Engine is always coming up with new harnesses that will improve your overall experience on the water. However, there is one thing that they will always hold true to and that is the lumbar support. All ride engine harnesses will provide you with lumbar back support. When you put a Ride Engine Harness on you will instantly feel the support and comfort the harness provides. The Elite Carbon series provides the most support with the all carbon har shell backing. You may be asking yourself what they changed in the new harness? Read more to find out.

Meg Spreader Bar

The all new Meg spreader bar has foam padding on the top and bottom of the spreader bar. This protects your ribs from getting bruised when riding in high winds and the harness is riding up. The foam padding provides overall comfort when you’re out riding. If you have the original Unity Spreader bar without the foam insert don’t fret. Ride Engine has the padding sold separate so that you can attach it to the original Unity Spreader bar. 

Webbing Attachment

Now the harness has the ability to integrate with the Unity Spreader bar and a spreader bar that requires webbing. This way if you have an older version of the Ride Engine spreader bar that you love it will now work for this harness. However, attachment is sold separately and does not come with the harness. 

Overall Weight Reduction

The designers took the v6 harness and redesigned it to be twenty-five percent lighter for the V7. If you have had a Ride Engine harness in the past you may have noticed that over time the harness will become heavy. The material used would absorb a lot of water and did not have a way for it to drain it out. Now they used less material without sacrificing the comfortability of the harness. Stop by Elite Watersports and try on the new Elite Carbon V7 harness. You will notice the difference in weight but not in overall support the harness provides.

Ride Engine Elite Carbon V7 Harness | Elite Watersports
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