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A guide to kitesurfing North Beach Fort Desoto.

Everything you need to know kiteboarding here. 

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Kiteboarding North Beach, Fort Desoto.

Just a short drive west of Tampa, you'll find Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, Florida. North Beach is unlike any other kitesurfing location in central Florida with its white sand beaches, blue lagoon, and quiet vibes.

North Beach is a paradise for kiteboarders who want to get away from kitesurfing crowds and don't mind a hike.This Tampa Bay kitesurfing spot is one of the best for flat water, waves, and tropical vibes. While it is a dream kite destination, there are rules and things you need to know before kiteboarding. Recently, it has become more popular, so there are days when it can be crowded.

With the small riding area in the lagoon, it's best to use some discretion and follow the navigation rules for small areas. Depending on the tides, the shape of the lagoon, and other factors, the size and depth of the riding area can change significantly.

It can be about 400 feet wide or 200 feet at times, and the water depth can range from chest deep to inch deep. The beach here has plenty of depth and is perfect for wingsurfing kite foiling, or any hydrofoil-based wind sport.

You also want to be respectful and only ride in designated areas. Avoid kiteboarding in the lagoon near the parking lot. Kiteboarding here is a privilege, not a right, and we want everyone to enjoy kiteboarding here for a long time. The park rangers at Fort De Soto are very strict about these rules, so stay out of swim areas and the marked areas in the lagoon.

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Table Of Content

  • Why you will love kitesurfing at North Beach Fort Desoto.
  • The best wind directions to kite North Beach Fort Desoto
  • What you need to know when kiteboarding here.
  • What to avoid kiting here.
  • Why you need to take kiteboarding lessons at Skyway Beach.

Why you will love kitesurfing North Beach Fort Desoto.

Imagine a scenic park lush with palms and a touch of old Florida full of wildlife and public access. The main beach is on the ocean; you'll have access to waves for kitesurfing or as kickers to get more air.

This location is popular for wing foil and kitefoil thanks to the deeper waters and easy access. In most of the Tampa and St Petersburg kitesurfing destinations, you'll always find kiteboarders to help with launching and landing.

This is one kite beach where you could have it to yourself, albeit there is usually one other person on the water. There are many different beaches with crowds if that is what you seek. Tampa Bay is a mecca for kiteboarders who dream of consistent conditions in the US during the winter months.

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Lagoon: The lagoon is usually knee to waist-deep and can be very flat depending on the direction of the wind and its shape. There are very few lagoons like this in the USA, and it's a rare gem to have the conditions that some will fly thousands of miles to train in, as they do in Brazil. The tides here are critical, as the lagoon can be almost empty. The beach is always rideable, but if you want to shred the lagoon, always check the tidal report so you can be there at the right time.

Flat Water: The conditions here are flatter than anywhere else in St Petersburg or most of Florida. All the famous beaches here boast flat water, but few get lagoon glassy flat with a sandy bottom like North Beach.

Amenities: The main beach has public restrooms, a shower, grills, and many pavilions where you can get shade and relax before or after your session. The beach shower is convenient and can be found between the beach and the main parking lot, making it easy to clean off your gear before you head out.

Wing foil Access: The main beach area is easy to access and has the depth needed for wing foiling. The waves can also be perfect for wingsurfing. North Beach Fort Desoto is not the most beginner-friendly spot when the waves are up, but it's ideal for riders looking to get into the waves.

Kite Foil Access: Tampa Bay has many great kitefoil locations. North Beach is famous for its ease of access and the expansive open room with ample water depth that kitefoilers seek.

Best Wind Directions for Kiteboarding North Beach, Fort Desoto.

N, NW, W, SW 

The best wind directions to kite here are north, northwest, west, and southwest. Kitesurfing North Beach feels like visiting a remote island in the Caribbean. The water is clear and, with the sandy bottom, can take on different shades of blue. contrasting the white sand, it's a wind or no wind vibe.

Florida gets a lot of north winds during the winter, so they line up here often. Be mindful that the lagoon can get crowded fast on a north wind. Always look before you jump and look before you transition, and ride with extra courtesy to those sharing the space.

As the wind starts clocking west, it will get more gusty here, but it is rideable. South winds occasionally happen and become more frequent in the spring. Few people ride here in this direction, but it is possible if you are looking to get a solo session in the lagoon.

East winds are not rideable here and can be very gusty. For this wind direction, you'll want to visit Skyway Beach. Check out our complete guide and video on kitesurfing at Skyway Beach and everywhere else in the Tampa Bay Area.

What to expect when kitesurfing North Beach, Fort Desoto.

To get here, take Pinellas Bayway South into the park. There are a couple of tolls on the way. Once inside the park, take a right where the road ends and follow the road to the large parking lot at the end. You'll see a vast parking area alongside the beach here.

For lagoon access, park down at the north end of the lot. The main beach is straight out from the parking lot. You'll have a short walk past the pavilions and through a shallow section of the Lagoon. The beach here is huge and usually empty in the winter. You can pump up anywhere and kite in the waves.

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If you want to access the lagoon, follow the marked path to the right when you reach the water's edge. You can walk on the beach side or the park side of the lagoon. The main setup area is next to where the lagoon meets the ocean and the bay.

The shape of the beach changes here every year, but there is generally plenty of sugar-white sand to set up your kitesurfing equipment. Sometimes, the ocean breaks, though, and the shape of the lagoon will change dramatically.

The main riding area about 500 feet south of the channel is narrower but almost always rideable with knee-deep water. The broader section to the north can be amazing depending on the shape, the tide, and other factors. Sometimes, it's too shallow; the water might rush at different times, creating a stronger current. Perfect conditions are not guaranteed, but it's always fun regardless.

The bottom is primarily hard-packed sand, and there isn't any seagrass. However, shells can be present, so booties are still a good idea. The shallow nature of the lagoon makes it forgiving and easy to walk out if something happens, too.

What to be aware of kitesurfing North Beach Fort Desoto.

North Beach is my favorite in Central Florida. The conditions are simply unmatched. There are a few things to be aware of here. Fort Desoto is a State park. To protect this rare gem of a spot, only kitesurf in designated areas. Do not kite in the swim zones. 

All kiteboarding should be done on the northern edge. It's a half-mile walk from the parking lot and well worth the effort. If there are more than a few kiters here, it is necessary to take turns to allow others to try jumps or freestyle tricks.

Don't just ride back and forth without looking. The lagoon can be dangerously shallow here, so be cautious if you're a big air kiter. Don't jump when the water is less than waist deep; be aware that the bottom is quite hard.

  • Paid Parking. 
  • The lagoon launch spot is ½ a mile walk. 
  • Strong ocean currents.  
  • Lagoon currents. 
  • Low tides.
  • Avoid the swim areas. Keep our kite spots open.

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