Pre-owned Core XR4 17m kite

Almost new ~ ZERO repairs and only flown 3 times!!! 

At A Glance

Core Kiteboarding have been gaining lots of momentum outside of their home country of Germany of late. Their latest offering of the incredibly slick looking XR4 will excite plenty of riders. The XR4 is a Delta Bow shaped kite, designed as a freeride/wave/boosting machine. Featuring 5 struts, a wealth of different trimming options and also a new super short bridle system to really reduce the risk of any snags.

The XR4s construction has been at the pinnacle of its design. The struts and leading edge have been made with new ‘ExoTex' Dacron, which features and asymmetric weave and a protective coating which not only increase airflow over the leading edge, but has also enabled Core to reduce the diameters of the struts and leading edge resulting in less weight, faster movement but improved kite stiffness and feedback. That’s a lot of tech from some new material! Naturally the rest of the kite enjoys a similar amount of high-end build quality that Core have become famous for!

In The Air

The XR4 simply oozes comfort and ease, you feel very safe and secure, flying the kite. There are no nasty surprises, tugs of the kite, or anything untoward, just a smooth a predictable power delivery.
The XR4 is very stable in the sky, even overhead in light winds it sat patiently waiting for you to sort yourself out, and then gently swooping down to pull you out of the water. What we found most remarkable was how large the wind range on this kite was. The delta shape makes the kite very efficient in the light airs, and you can be up and riding in unexpected winds. Not only that the jumping in these lighter winds was impressively floaty, you don’t go miles up but you sure do float for underpowered conditions.


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