This kite is in great shape. Functional and ready to fly.

At FLYSURFER Kiteboarding – the competitive race scene is a proving ground for kiteboarding technology – our dedication to this aspect of the sport isn’t just for show. It’s a science. Pushing the SONIC RACE to the limit reflects the spirit of the brand, and all of the men and women who strive for victory.

To strengthen our competitiveness and to lay the foundation for the success of our athletes, we are continuously investing in a great racing team and in research and development of our highest performance wing. FLYSURFER SONIC RACE developer Benni Boelli supports our athletes during the pro tour season to continously improve the product. You directly benefit from years of great team work and our absolute passion for hydrofoil, snowkite and kitebuggy racing. This knowledge also trickles down into our other products.

The SONIC RACE lightweight construction is built upon our new X-Light fabric for maximum durability and highest stability. Our 3-Level Bridle Design and a total rework of the airfoil highly improves the aerodynamic efficiency; which results in stunning speeds with improved angles on all courses, and even better – almost unreal – lightwind abilities. Designed on short flying lines and supported by rigid construction and a new mixer which provides reliably-quick manouvering of the wing, the SONIC RACE shows its strength in gusty winds and let you fully focus on your riding to win the toughest races.

The SONIC RACE instantly shows that we made no compromises in performance … get excited by exceptional efficiency – the race is on!

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