This 7m is perfect for a low-cost and reliable, high wind or small rider option. It is very clean and in excellent condition. It has No Repairs and holds air like new. 

The 2016 RPM is a 3-strut, medium aspect, C-shaped kite that Slingshot markets as a freeride kite that crosses over between hooked and unhooked freestyle, surf and general freeride. 

The 2016 RPM comes equipped with the Intuitive Response System (IRS) Bridle, which gives riders a more fluid connection to the kite and gives the kite improved stability and smoother, more reactive performance. It also features upgrades to its bombproof construction including a tougher, more durable diamond leech trailing edge and a new DP 175 Dacron leading edge and strut material. These upgrades complement Slingshot’s proprietary tri-tech protection, making this one of the toughest, most durable kites on the market.

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